Wednesday, January 7, 2009


OUR EMAIL IS (for that someone who asked)

Hello All: we are still holding on tightly to the strength that only comes from our Lord. We are taking life one moment at a time.

Steve & I are both still looking for jobs. (still nothing).

All we can say is that we are still here, still keeping our faith, our love for each other is growing stronger through these trial-some days. We are growing in our walk with Christ every day. We are truly going through a threshing process. It hurts - It is tiresome and oh so desperately desolate at times. Our focus during this past year is on the end result; a greater glory - some day.

Though these last few days seem heavier, Steve & I find ourselves in a place of questioning -" when will it stop raining? When will the flood waters stop rising?" When will we see the raging waves be still?"

Went to church tonight - I guess since it has been a while since I blogged I haven't written down that our positions as teachers has changed and we are now in charge of the nursery. YUP! the nursery. Kinda ironic how we are the ones doing this and we are also the ones who lost a baby.

Yesterday- Moriah came over for the evening. Her parents were enjoying a 1 month anniversary dinner. It was fun having her over. We all had so much fun!! she is showing an interest in trying to push her feet down to roll onto her tummy. Yesterday, for the very first time I had a flash back of Elijah's head while rubbing Moriah's. (it was weird).

He would have been turning 6 months in two days.

I can hardly believe six months have passed and we still seem to be going through such turmoil.
I often find myself wondering what kind of testimony our lives are being to others. I mean we are supposed to be an example, an encouragement, we are Christians and that word means to be like Christ. WE ARE SO NOT! Our lives are supposed to bring glory to God. How can the way we are living possibly glorify God?!?!!!

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  1. Marie - It has really been only six months. On top of all the hormonal issues, you have had a devastating loss and all the emotions that involves, job issues, financial struggles, physical struggles. I see you as being giving, loving, encouraging. How is that not like Christ? You are raising your children to honor Him. You seek to praise Him in this storm. We should look at ourselves and see the chiefest of sinners, but I just want to tell you that He loves you. He hasn't moved. He is still in control. Financial stuggles are the cause of so many issues aren't they?