Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Prepared Speech For the Funeral

Steve & I would like to welcome you all here. We are so blessed to be surrounded by all of your heartfelt wishes, prayers, and words of encouragement. This service is in honor and celebration of the life we have been so privileged to nurture and carry:
As Elijah’s parents we invite you to join us as we bless the Lord for all He has done.

This service is no ordinary funeral service. Tonight we ask that you join us as we Worship God for His Excellent Gift: Our Precious Elijah.

On Sunday May 18th, 2008 as we were in worship service, My heart was broken at the thought that my Elijah, who, at the time, was patting and kicking during worship, would not be with me forever; My heart was filled with a serene yet rushing wave of peace As I listened to the worship song which said “HOLY, HOLY IS HE, WORTHY IS THE LAMB” I felt the Lord speak to my heart and say “ JUST AS A DEER PANTS FOR WATER AND YOUR SOUL LONGS FOR ME SO IT IS WITH ELIJAH FROM THE VERY FIRST BEAT OF HIS HEART HE HAS LONGED TO WORSHIP ME- WHEN I TAKE HIM HOME HE WILL BE WORSHIPING AT MY FEET AS YOU LONG TO DO ALSO” in that very moment as the worship played I rejoiced with gladness at the thought that every time I worship and sing to My Lord and Savior I will be joined with my baby boy and in those very moments we will be worshiping together.

Along this painful path we were blessed to meet friends who we bonded with through the internet whom had also been chosen to embark on this long road of loving our little ones through the pain of knowing all too soon their names would be called on Heavens Nursery Roll.

Please join with us as we sing these few worship songs together with Elijah,
Baby Asher + Isaac, Baby Jacob + Baby Joshua, Baby Eva.