Wednesday, April 9, 2008


Just got back from bible study. Went to check on Joshua's blog and caught up on some of the blogs I hadn't had a chance to read. I AM SCARED I MIGHT NOT BE WITH THE RIGHT Doctor!!!!! first of all, last month at my appointment She told me it was better to have him natural and today I read on Susie's blog exactly what I was afraid of If Elijah has this "waterballoon like sac" hanging outside his head holding his brain DUH wouldn't you think it will bust during labor !!!!!! well my doctor said it was the best thing. Yesturday we went to another appointment and I asked her for an MRI and she said NO! you dont want to see that, if I thought it would make you feel better I would but you don;t want to see all that " it's not good news" and she walked out!!!! SO IS MY PRECIOUS CHILDS LIFE IN THE HANDS OF A DOCTOR WHO DOESN'T VALUE HIS life simply because he was formed wih his brain outside of his head?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!? I always thought somthing bad could happen to him if he came through the birth canal!!! WHY DID'NT SHE TELL ME!!!! I AM JUST FURIOUS!!! PLEASE HELP ME PRAY THAT THE LORD CHANGE HER! MAKE ME MORE BOLD WHEN I GO IN TO SEE THE DOCTOR IN TWO WEEKS!! GIVE STEVE THE BOLDNESS TO SPEAK UP FOR OUR BABY BOY!!! AND THAT GOD ALL MIGHTY MAKE THIS WOMAN SEE THE VALUE OF LIFE!!! MY BABY boy is just so beautiful he is so precious! we just got our 4D ultrasound and DVD (will add picture tomorrow)yesturday his heart is perfectly strong all his organs are functioning. HE LOOKS LIKE HE IS SLEEPING!!! IT IS HARD enough to know that God's will for my sons life may not be for him to be here with me but rather that the Our Sovereign Lord may desire for Elijah's life to begin in Heaven. NOW WHO Does this woman think she is to make these types of desicions for me?! and based on what!?!?! that my sons "malformed" (in her words) head makes him worthless to her!!! I am sorry lady but my GOD says that HE (GOD) formd him (ELijah)that HE made all the delicate parts of his body...Psalms 139:13-17 Then why does she think she can possibly be so careless with my sons life!?!?!?!!!???! THE WORD OF GOD PROMISES ME & ELIJAH THAT NO WEAPON FORMED AGAINST ME SHALL PROSPER!!!! AND I INTEND TO STAND ON THAT PROMISE!!! GOD ALMIGHTY HELP ME AND MAY ALL THE PEOPLE OF GOD WHO PRAY PLEASE LIFT THIS SITUATION UP TO THE THRONE OF GOD!!! I am more than glad to accept the perfect will of MY LORD AND SAVIOR!!! BUT TO LET THIS WOMAN TAKE MY SONS LIFE FOR GRANTED I THINK NOT!!!! PLEASE WE NEED SO MUCH PRAYER PLEASE PASS THIS BLOGSITE TO ALL WHO WILL PRAY!!!!!!!


we had been offline due to technical difficulties BUT WE ARE BACK NOW!!!! These are some of the photagraphers favorite pic's taken on SAT. MARCH 22nd!! "Family- Pregnancy Picture day". We met Estee our "Angel Babies Photagrapher" at Woodward Park in Fresno. Josiah was much more interested in the rocks to climb and mimicking the quacking ducks swimming in the water than taking pictures!! Kayla was most helpful constantly trying to persuade brother to PLEASE pose for a picture!
All in all we had a great day the weather was very pleasant and on our way home we stopped at "Boomers Adventure Park" I wished I had taken a camera!! Steve & Kayla drove the race cars as Josiah & I cheered them on! Josiah's favorite activity of the day was the spider stompper where he had to stomp on the red flashing light beneath his feet. Needless to say when we got home he took a very long nap. Kayla & I enjoyed some "GIRL'S TIME"!!! I hope you all enjoy these pictures as much as we have. Let us know which is YOUR FAVORITE!!!!!