Tuesday, October 7, 2008


My heart was so blessed by those of you who responded to praying for Becky's husband!
Bob is still having chest pains and is waiting on more blood tests which will decide if he needs to undergo another surgery.

Melissa, I tried to add her blog link like you said (and by the way THANK'S for taking time to show me how to do this) However, Becky's blog says something about a tema member; I don't want to bother her with the trivial stuff right now.

I will keep you all updated as to Bob's progress. I know your faithfulness in praying for Bob & Becky and their family is uplifting them.

A very special thank you to the 3 of you who went through my comments in order to find her blog & let her know you were praying!

I know God sees all of the others who are being ferverent in praying for Bob even if you were unable to leave her a comment. The important thing is for all of us to unite inprayer on their behalf!
Tonight we came home from church & after dinner we (Steve, Josiah & I) sat on the couch together and relaxed. I was so blessed to just have time to relax and be together :)

I was rubbing Steve's feet and Josiah jumped up into daddy's arms and streched out his little legs and said, "Mommy my toes - mine like daddy too" (little turkey - He's just like his daddy)

Steve & I have been busy with church stuff we are volunteering for, so comming home early tonight was a true blessing.

Friday will be 3 months since Elijah went home to heaven. I am a little bit nervous about my emotions because when I think 3 months, I remember when Josiah turned 3 months we made a day at the mall for lunch walking him in the stroller and a portrait sitting.

In my heart, I feel like what can I do? how can I pour as much into celebrating & honoring Elijah's 3 months in heaven as we did for Josiah?

I know that sounds weird huh? it feels weird to me too but I just feel like this.

Friday is also Beth's due date to deliver Moriah! I'm nervous about that... Steve is too!