Thursday, October 23, 2008

Labor Of Love ~ Between Sisters

My sweet 'baby' sister (Beth) ABIGAIL ELIZABETH soon to be Dews (on Nov. 15th 2008)
was in long hard labor from 6:00 am to 3:00p.m
With Daddy, Grandma & I close to her side. She worked so very hard to have Moriah naturally but to no avail at 3:00 p.m the room quickly filled with medical personnel & alarms started sounding as they place an oxygen mask on Beth, one nurse looked at me & said the baby's heart rate has dropped very low - we need to get a doctor in here.
Tony was as nervous as any dad would be and mom & I just worried. I stayed very brave for Beth & told her everything would be okay. We squeezed each others hand tight and she looked at me and said, "okay I believe you"!

The anesthesiologist came in and Tony & mom stepped out. Beth sat up and held on to me, we held each other tight and I talked her through the process along with the doctor.

The doctor explained that Moriah's heart beat had come up but that mom was in need of some oxygen for a bit longer -

Finally after all the paper signing and preparations Beth & I walked into the O.R . I held my baby sisters hand and within minutes watched her become a mommy for the first time in her life!!!!
I was able to walk through this labor of love with my sister - what a treasure!!! Moments I shall forever treasure!!

***I actually did really well - it had to be all the prayers*** MUCHAS GRACIAS!!(thank you)

I missed my sweet baby boy when I was holding her and when I cut the cord, though and I whispered into Moriah's ear, telling her she has a cousin in heaven!!

My sweet Cindy was there as soon as I came out from leaving Tony in the nursery!! (IT WAS SO SPECIAL TO SHARE A TIGHT & LOVING HUG WITH MY BEST FRIEND)along with all our Family!!!

(the boys took some pictures but I only have what Cindy send me from her phone :~)

READY TO MEET MY NIECE/god-daughter?
8 lbs 10 oz. & 20 in. Long!!

with nino & nina (us)