Tuesday, April 15, 2008


(SO GREAT TO HEAR FROM YOU ELVA XOXOXOXOX) NOT THAT IT IS BETTER TO HEAR FROM ELVA THAN ANYONE ELSE just that I hadn't talked to her at all since this whole ordeal started.
Today was such a better day than yesturday. PRAISE THE LORD FOR HIS FAITHFULNESS!!!
I told you all about the ordeal with the funeral director yesturday... I was able to have a long talk with Cindy and she was able to help me sort out all my thoughts and TODAY Steve & I decided to make one more try to call another funeral place turns out they ARE WAY WAY CHEAPER THAN THE ONE WE SPOKE TO YESTURDAY like half the price!!! GOD IS SO FAITHFUL!!!
I spoke to the acctual owner of the funeral parlor and he said they don't charge for all the extras when it is for babies they just charge what it will cost them to pay out so it is like half the quote we had gotten yesturday so now we won't have to cut out the church services (wake) and also be able to get the cute marker(head stone) WE HAVE AN APPOINTMENT with him onThursday morning. GOD IS SO GOOD!!
We know that it might seem a bit gloomy to have to read about this and I appologize BUT IT IS WAHT WE ARE GOING THROUGH! and NO WE ARE NOT LOSING ARE FAITH! & IT IS SO GOOD TO KNOW WE HAVE THE SUPPORT OF OUR PASTORS!!!
We hope you can understand the immense amount of love we have for our precious little love; that we would want to make his goodbye just as precious and meaningful as we possibly can.
Elijah is still verymuch enjoying when I read yourcomments and he especially liked the rays of sunshine sent to him from Florida!!! I've gotta say that he really seems to enjoy the sunshine... whenever I take Josiah outside to play and I sit in the sunshine Elijah will pop up into the direction where the sun is comming from!!!
I better get going, I'm on my way to prayer. AND JOSIAH AND DADDY ARE ANXIOUS TO GET RID OF ME because when mommys not home daddy gets to give Josiah icecream and do all kinds of fun stuff I'm sure mommy wouldn't be to happy with watching!!!! and I heard Steve telling Josiah that as soon as mommy goes to prayer we are going to have a lot of fun!! He's planning on taking him around the corner to watch the baseballgame at the park so I better get going now CUZ JOSIAH KEEPS SAYING "BYE MOM, BYE, BYE GO NOW"
so talk to you all later :)