Thursday, May 8, 2008


Remember I asked you all to pray about the fundraiser that was organized by our friends, The Alatorre's (Nicole & Victoria's Parents). Well... THANKS FOR YOUR PRAYERS! we had a positive response and outpouring of generosity from everyone! I am not exactly sure the totals yet, but I heard from Minn, Cindy & Kito Ben; that the orders just kept coming in!

This fundraiser has made it possible to put a down payment on Elijah's burial plot at Parlier Cemetery; After much thought and consideration Steve & I have chosen to bury him at the same cemetery where Grandma is at (Mom's mom).


Margie & Roy if you read this blog I gotta tell you how you have lifted my burden & I pray that GOD BLESS & PROSPER YOU IN ALL YOU DO!! I am so touched by the way you & Roy have stepped right into my shoes and decided to walk beside Steve & I. We will never be able to express to you enough, how you have both been an instrument of God's never ending love and strength to us as we face this time in our lives! Thank YOU BOTH!!!

My cousin Sal & National Raisin CO. (his work). Steve & I were so moved when Minn called to tell us that you had collected orders. We appreciate the effort and support we received as we prepare for the bitter sweet arrival of our little angel.

Teacher Megan & All The WONDERFUL TEACHERS at Reedley College Infant School:

Our hearts have been so moved by ALL that you have all done for us. & especially how you have all rallied around my precious Josiah as he too struggles with all the weirdness going on at home, since we found out about Elijah. EACH and every one of you have touched our hearts!

Every One at FOWLER UNIFIED SCHOOL DISTRICT (my old work): There are no words - YOU ALL MEAN SO MUCH TO ME!!! Steve & I are so touched by your generosity.

Dr. Verma's Office in Selma - Dr. Verma,Marcie & Antonia & Chuck: Steve & I are so touched by how caring and understanding YOU ALL have been of what we are going through. Your kindness has been so evident every time I call or come in or when Mom comes in and you send your best! Thank you to every one in the office who ordered a plate! Your support is so appreciated!!

A HUGE THANK YOU TO EVERYONE AT MARGIE'S WORK PLACE IN SELMA! Steve & I are so grateful for your contributions.

ANYONE ELSE WHO ORDERED A PLATE & I DID NOT MENTION YOUR NAME it is only because I did not find out who else ordered - because it was so huge a turn out BUT STEVE & I THANK YOU FROM THE BOTTOM OF OUR HEARTS!!!!

Minn, Cindy, Jared (my godson),Ramona, Dora, Dolores & Sister Mona Thanks for taking time out of your busy schedules to come out to help deliver plates!!!

I won't be posting anything new til probably Monday because we are in the process of changing internet service providers (and hopefuly switching me over to a lap top :)

have a great weekend every one and thanks for checking in

Special Love, hugs and prayers for all the Mommie's who's hearts are torn between celebrating with their children here with us and the ones in heaven on this MOTHER'S DAY!!! Thinking of YOU with an ache in my heart !! please know I will be praying for you! & pray for me too my only mother's day with Elijah