Thursday, September 25, 2008


Just now as we were tucking Josiah into bed. After daddy had walked out of the room; I was getting dirty clothes out of his closet for laundry. Steve had once again - like EVERY other night been the hero and found "monie"(binki) for bed time. (Yes! "monie" is still around only now that Josiah is a BIG boy for preschool and goes pee-pee in the toilet like BIG boys, "monie" is just there for night -night. CUZ BIG BOY'S 'like cool cousin Roque' DON'T HAVE "monie's")
So every night even though "monie is supposed to stay on his pillow & wait for him! Some how as Josiah pulls down his comforter to jump into bed or sometime after bath time between prayers and lights out "monie" get's lost ALMOST every night! BUT thanks to "Daddy" bedtime is saved cuz "monie" is found and tucked in with Josiah!
So tonight when Steve walked out of the room I said, "Josiah, who has the best daddy?" Josiah replies in a very confident matter- of -fact[loud] voice, "ME!" and just as I took my first step out of his room he pulls "monie" out of his mouth and procliams [even louder] "HIM MY BEST FRIEND, MOMMY!!" I looked back at my baby boy, smiled at him and said, "Yes, baby daddy is your best friend!" Daddy calls from the dining table, "your my best friend too!" Josiah pulls out "monie once more and says,[in a sleepy quiet voice] "forever!"
i thank You Lord for moments like these!!!!!!