Thursday, June 11, 2009


okay so I did a little researching and I was trying to give our blog a face lift(make over) you might say- SO I did what I remember some one telling me a while back.... I went to cutest blog on the block. I CAN'T figure out how it works. I typed the words
cutest blog on the and it takes me to this purple flashing stars page, then there is a window that says click here to start, so I clicked. It asked me to register and then all these wierd questions came up about personalizing my computer tool bar and adds for google.

Steve & I are trying to get it to look a bit more colorful, chappier and ready for 'Lijah's 1st birthday. So On cutest blog on the block it says you can customize and add pictures so we have tried it several different times to see if we don't get that message but it still does
Is that what you all went through to make your blog look so cute?