Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Time moves forward...

Well, today is the 18th of March. I went to ANOTHER job interview & failed the test!!! Woooo Hoooo! way to boost an ego! huh!!!

GOD continues to see us through! At times I feel so desperate and then at other times I am reminded of HIS sweet presence in our lives and the joy HE brings through the valleys!!

I Love MY SHEPHERD (Psalms 23)

'Si & I have been going to "library school" (he calls it that) twice a week :)

Kay & Dad went to her first ever father daughter dance!! ( hope to post pictures real soon)

' Si flew his first kite

Kay & 'Si helped dad build a tree house

SO MANY, MANY memories being made on a daily basis. wish I had internet at home to be able to share all the beautiful momnents we are treasuring and the things that still knock me on my butt with sudden waves of emptiness without our 'Lijah. He would be 8 months!!!

PLEASE KEEP US IN YOUR PRAYERS... going on another interview tomorrow

Josiah still mentions Jaxon every morning when he comes his hair!!
HI JAX! from Josiah :)

Gotta go now! times up @ library :)