Monday, December 15, 2008

Another Time In Another Place

I searched for the words of this song; as my heart is so heavy today. Today is THE 15th. Steve's B-Day. He has hardley talked today. He is missing his 'bubba'. He got a gift yesturday @ the party that brought up pain which he had tucked deep within his heart(too long & emotional to go in to details right now).
TODAY was Noah's funeral, Today The 15th 'Shua's momma carries a bbgirl in her tummy & holds a sweet girls hand while her heart is aching for her 9month old 'Shua. TODAY Asher & Issac's mommy & Jacob's mommy & Eva's mommy along with so many others are longing for 'that sweet sweet someday
I've always heard there is a landBeyond the mortal dreams of manWhere every tear will be left behindBut it must be in another timeThere'll be an everlasting lightShining a purest holy whiteAnd every fear will be erasedBut it must be in another placeSo, I'm waiting for another time and another placeWhere all my hopes and dreams will be capturedWith one look at Jesus' faceOh, my heart's been burnin'My soul keeps yearnin'Sometimes I can't hardly waitFor that sweet, sweet somedayWhen I'll be swept awayTo another time and another placeI've grown so tired of earthly thingsThey promise peace but furnish painAll of life's sweetest joys combinedCould never match those in another timeAnd though I've put my trust in ChristAnd felt His Spirit move in my lifeI know it's truly just a tasteOf His glory in another place
I took these today right after I read Susie's blog. The view from my front porch. This is how the sky looked the day my Sister called to tell me 'Shua had gone home to Jesus. Steve & I were driving alone from Sanger back to Parlier. Our cell phone rang. I was pregnant with 'Lijah & when I answered the phone Minerva said, Susie posted... I said okay(no emotion) as soon as I hung up Steve said, "Joshua?!". I nodded. no words- no feelings and then I looked up into the sky, the puffy white clouds & tears began to run down my cheeks and I cried out, "Oh Joshua... ... You are home- sweet baby boy- you are home! Rubbing my 'Lijah belly I said, "Elijah your bubba Joshua is waiting for you now - he will be there soon Joshua - Thank you for living, Thank YOU for teaching me about my Elijah sweet boy".

TODAY as my sweet hubby's heart is aching along with all the other daddy's who long for their baby's; I dedicate this post to:
Susie - YOU, MATT & OCE taught us how to love our cele baby!!! Joshua's pictures prepared my Kakie & 'Siah for what our precious 'Lijah would look like! 'Shua you were 'Lijah's very 1st friend!!! Our entire extended family knows you as our bubbas 1st buddy!!!
Susie,THANK YOU; can never express how deeply we appreciate all you have shared with us !!!
One of the things I whispered into 'Lijah's ear when he was taking his last breaths was,
"your friend Joshua is there, waiting by the BIG TREE, on the STREETS OF GOLD- he is there with Grandma Chicken & Grandpa Pato. I think Baby Asher & his Big brother Issac & Baby Eva will take you to the crystal river- they are all right their waiting. You will love heaven it is a beautiful place & soon we will all be together, someday"

'My hearts been burning my soul keeps yerning'

'That sweet, sweet someday'

'where all my hopes & dreams will be captured with one look at Jesus face'

'Sometimes I can't hardly wait'

I know that the probabilities of any of us meeting before that sweet, sweet some day are almost nothing & although meeting face to face & embracing would be so sweet. I want to thank ALL of you & your precious families for being a part of our lifes journey.