Sunday, April 13, 2008


We had a big scare! Yesterday night after a long day we came home & I wasn't feeling well. I just kept telling Steve, "I just don't feel right". WE prayed and went to bed after getting things ready for "JUST IN CASE" something happens in the middle of the night. Thank You Lord " I GOT A REAL GOOD NIGHT OF SLEEP!!! Got up this morning and went to church. after church went over to Ben & Minn's (my sister & bro. in law) house for lunch. Steve left to work at 3:00p.m and I stayed at Minn's. We had such an awesome time of prayer & talking about the greatness of God. At 5:30 we all got ready to go to church. (I wasn't feeling well) BUT I DIDN'T SAY ANYTHING CUZ I WAS TRYING TO BE BRAVE OR MAKE BELIEVE I WASN'T FEELING ANYTHING (pretty dumb huh?). Mom & Yay(my21 year old baby sister) got there and about 15 minutes into church I told mom. "I'm not feeling well". then I waited a few more minutes and about 2 to 3 songs into worship and I looked at her and said, "I'm having contractions, I'm going to call Steve at work" so I walked out and she & Beth (Yay - same person just another one of her many nick names) followed me. I called Steve and when i walked back into church, Minerva (my older sister minn) had all the deacons wives and two deacons and Sister Joanne their in the kitchen to pray for me. WE ALL PRAYED AND HE HEARD OUR CRY!!!! I AM HOME AND ELIJAH IS SAFE INSIDE WITH NO SIGNS OF COMING!!!!!!
I am very certain that I was experiencing labor but the people of God united in one accord and the Lord heard our supplication. I JUST LOVE WHAT BROTHER DOUG SPOKE AS HE BEGAN TO PRAY. HE SAID, "IN THE NAME OF JESUS THIS BABY NEEDS TO GO FULL TERM" It was such an awesome experience to feel the POWER OF PRAYER HAPPEN SO INSTANTANEOUS!!!! I could hear in the backround " Pastor leading the church to pray as they continued to worship!!!! ALL HONOR & GLORY TO MY LORD JESUS!!! I want as much time as my Sovereign Lord will give me with my baby boy!!!!! WE just keep praying that we will be given the miracle of bringing him home with us before we send him home!!! Steve & I are so blessed to be surrounded by such wonderful people; OUR FAMILY YOU ARE ALL SUCH A BLESSING... ... Minerva said she would stay at church with Josiah unless I called her to come. Kito-Ben (josiah's nickname for my 1st nephew) and Josh (my godson & nephew #2) took Josiah to Walmart with them after church to buy his pull ups. and then took him home and gave him a bath. Cindy & Chris left church right with mom & yay and came right up to the hospital. CINDY IS MY BESTEST, BESTEST FRIEND IN THE WORLD & Chris is her 15 year old son. Cindy is acctually more like a sister to me & she's my spiritual baby( more on that later). I can not imagine going through this without her (EVERYONE NEEDS A CINDY IN YOUR LIFE)!!!!!!! The day we found out about Elijah's cele was a Wednesday, so when we called mom that we were on our way home to tell her, I just expected Beth(baby sister) and her to be there cuz I thought for sure Ben & Minn would be at church cause they teach the kids at church. THEY CAME! and so did my brother Jonathan who lives one hour away. Reyna (my sister in law came too) Later that night at our house Cindy & Chris came over too!! SHE DROVE 30 minutes all the way to my house to be by my side. My brother Johnny who lives in Colorado wrote us a beautiful email and encouraged us to keep looking forward and to not give UP!!! I also had a very nice phone conversation with him the other day(on his b-day) and he just listened and then asked some very important questions. JUST SHOWED SO MUCH CARE & CONCERN!! WE ARE JUST SO BLESSED BY OUR FAMILY!!! and I've got to say how much of a HUGE BLESSING OUR BLOG FAMILY HAS BECOME!!!! I told Steve tonight at the hospital, "I wish we had a lap top cuz then I would post a prayer request on the blog" (thank GOD for his HOLY SPIRIT) blog not needed to reach the throne of GRACE, MERCY & HEALING!!!!! PRAYER REALLY IS POWERFUL!!!!