Saturday, May 10, 2008

SURPRISE!!! (sweet times)

Well, I know I said I wasn't gonna post anything for a day or so but... ...
I forgot Beth (josiah calls her Yaya or Yaee) had made a date for her & Josiah to spend the day together today. I had a bit of a melt down in the morning so when I got a call from Yay asking what time Josiah would be available I thought, available? and then I remembered about the "DATE" so Steve & I took him over and they went to Rotary Playland & Storyland "FOR HIS FIRST TIME"!!! He of course had no clue what the place was so we told him its a fun park and he said, "oh church park" meaning the park by the church and we told him no this is a bigger one with rides and lots of fun. Still clueless he got into the car with her and off they drove!!!!!

There are so many more but these are the favorites & all he rode over & over was the cars & lady bugs - she said she couldn't get him on anything else :)
Since Josiah was out on a "DATE" with Yaya Steve decided that my emotions were very frail and that I too would benefit from a "date" so off we went... we went to lunch and a movie! It was such a great thing to be able to get away from everything if even for a few hours. WE laughed and enjoyed eachothers company :) THANKS FOR THE MOMENT BETH!!!!!