Friday, November 28, 2008

Wooo Whoo!!

... And the indoor clothes line worked!!! NOW, are living room looks like a real authentic camping spot. Darn, all we need are the smores. Oh well maybe we can get some for next weekend. YOU should see this -
our dining room and living room adorned with zig zag lines of hanging clothes. Kake called it "The line of happy pants". She's so silly!!

(WOW! I guess I am, becoming an easy to please woman l.o.l!!!!!!!!!!!!)
You should have seen me... I was so excited when Steve finished it.
The kids & I clapped and cheered "YAEY! DADDY - YOU DID IT! YOU'RE THE BEST"

Steve, Kake & I all hung clothes on the line and then, daddy pulled out Kake's mattress and "camp Douglas" was a roaring rumble of fun!!! We ate 'Si's famous oatmeal biscuits and cold milk! (YUMMY- wish I knew how much of everything he added) We watched the 8 O' clock cartoon an ABC 'The Polar Express' ('Si LOVED IT-he was entranced)

We were almost tempted to make a switch off on the sleeping arrangements at camp douglas - but , I think we will keep it as usual. We talked of doing a boys - girls -separate but we were voted down!!

At dinner, Kay asked me if in heaven we are gonna look the same as we do now. She asked how 'Lijah is gonna know we are there. She asked if she will have her own mansion. We answered each question with scripture. She loved the 'having a crown' part of the bible :~) 'Si's favorite part was the no sleep/tired part and the happy parties! We all broke out in loud laughter whenever Josiah yelled out, "Man, 'Lijah a brat" (huge smile)

*** SHhHhhh please don't tell... I think I might bail out on camp douglas tonight (p.m.s) UgggGh!
I know T.M.I :~)

TGIF! Kay's home for the weekend

We woke up this morning and did laundry (forecast said sunny - not true) my clothes is still soggy on the lines.
Picked up Kake at 1:30 this afternoon.

She and Steve worked all afternoon putting up Christmas lights and decorations in the yard. Josiah napped and I sneaked in a tiny cat nap too :~)

We are enjoying a nice family evening. Kay & 'Si are in our bedroom, watching T.V

Steve is working on making me an indoor clothesline!!! so glad, warm DRY clothes :~)

Kay is already singing " Family- Fun- Friday Camp - out tonight"

So I guess it's camp out night again :)