Thursday, April 24, 2008

It's a strange thing...

It is so unexplainable when all of the sudden out of the blue after what I thought was a pretty good day then all of the sudden I FEEL LIKE I WAS JUST HIT WITH A MACK TRUCK!

Cindy & Chris came by and we had a pretty good visit. Josiah worshiped with his microphone that Cindy bought him and he made us each hold some object in our hand as if it were a microphone and we each had to sing along. Josiah kept a close eye on Chris and if he stopped singing he stop singing and told Chris," sing". Steve recorded him on the camcorder.
They left at about 6:30 and we stayed outside and watched Josiah ride his tricycle. Daddy recorded that too! Especially the newest trick, (he knows how to pedal backwards)!!

SO then why when we came in to make dinner, I all of the sudden was overtaken by a deep unexplainable SADNESS!! I mean like REAL real deep sorrow and the thoughts that came over me... ... like the fact that we won't have those kind of moments with Elijah (watching him ride a tricycle and be a little clown like Josiah).

I feel so bad for Steve I don't think he knows what to tell me anymore.

I'm acctualy going to class today :)

I got up this morning and decided I will attempt to go to class I have missed quite a few classes since this started, but my instructor has been so understanding. Steve seems very happy for me to be getting out and going back to class. MORE LATER