Friday, December 19, 2008

HOLY NIGHT @ Camp Douglas

Steve & I were talking about our families values & traditions earlier in the week. We were making a checklist to see what are the areas we can improve on. We were talking about how we feel we are raising our kids. After recieving the "blessings of this week" we decided we needed to talk to our children about the gift of giving. We had a family meeting & discussed all the things we were given. We each took turns saying what we have ben blessed with and how can give of ourselves. After a very LONG list of gifts we have been given[house, food, warmth, jackets, new friends, Thomas The Train]you know who said that one!) Steve began to tell Kakie & 'Si how because Jesus blesses us with gifts & blessings then we need to give to others. We were explaining how this years toy drive at church was at an all time low & tomorrow is the food/toy give away in Fowler. So that we needed to bless a boy & girl "who[might] not even have a Christmas tree! Kayla said, "or a warm house" Steve told the kids that they were going to go to the store & each pick out a $5.00 toy. 'Si asked, "for me?" Steve explained no bubba for "the little boy with no Christmas tree". "Why?" he asked & I [trying to help Steve out] explained, "Josiah ,Jesus has sent us friends to give us blessings & now it is our turn to give somthing!
... ... ... Wouldn't You Know It; he said[very serious] "BUT MOMMY- WE READY GIVE MY 'LIJAH"
*sighing* crying* (not then - now!) ugh! Thank YOU Jesus for giving us the words.
talk about heart wrenching. We went to the store and they picked out toys. Kakie, of course knew what this was all about & she is SO giving so she was really enjoying it - Josiah was enjoying picking the toy but everytimne we reminded him it was for 'that special little boy' he would stare at the toiy hug it and then keep on looking. At one point he said, "Oh mommy I like this one!!" Steve reminded him again, "remember it is not your toy".
He said," I know daddy -but he want to be my friend & we play together peacause I like to play for the toy with the little boy & share my tree too".

Kakie & I had Christmas Choir practice. When we got home we ate pizza for dinner @ 'camp douglas' after dinner Steve & I had planned to surprise the kids with a brand new CHRISTMAS TRADITION - We turned down the lights, turnedoff the T.V, turned on the Christmas CD & Steve began to read the Christmas story out of Luke 2:8 after the reading of the holy word. I went into my Hutch and brought one of my PRIZED COLLECTION NATIVITIES & let the kids each take turnes holding it and talk about the birth of our Savior. (both kids were shocked when I handed them my 'special' glass nativity set! I sat back and let them enjoy holding each piece. They both made observations about how cold it must have been, how smelly it nust have been, how itchy it must have been and then after a good long while of that. Steve said, "Okay now Mommy & I have a very special way to celebrate the meaning of Christmas. HE closed their eyes and we went into our bedroom, we threw a sheet & blanket ove rour heads and wrapped a baby doll up & walked into the tree lit room singing ~ Silent Night~ It was so precious! I cried as I saw K begin to tear up. After finishing the entire song we took off the sheets and asked the kids if they wanted a turn!!!! they did!!!


Let's make it a scavenger hunt(of sort)!!!

#1) Find a Person that YOU know who's name is Marie or Steve

you post a comment with that persons name & home town, if they post a comment & mention YOUR name you have just entered twice :~)

#2) My Dream places to visit - Italy to ride the gondolas & in USA, Maine because I have read so much about those beautiful light houses.

you post a comment if YOU have ever lived (or visited) there or know some one who has/does if they post a comment &mention your name you have entered twice(use last name or city/town name to differentiate you from others with common names)

#3) Tell us about the deserving 'fancy girl' who will wear these bows if you post a link for us to see her you entered twice

#4) THE LAST ONE...have as many people as you can post a comment on our blog telling us why YOUR 'fancy' girl' should win the set of 3 head bands/clips and four interchangeable bows

we will select the top three to have the most comments meeting the criteria above :~)
~good luck & have fun~

START NOW till the 23rd [MY TIME] @ 7:00a.m we will announce the TOP 3 winners @ 7 :00 p.m on the same day!!!


A small selection of the bows I am making. In the spirit of giving, I would like to host a give away!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I am not exactly sure how I want to do the give a way but I want to make it fun! Steve & I were talking about different ways of making it fun - DO any of you have any ideas???
I love working on these bows. I can just let my creativity go & enjoy some serene moment of Peace!!
These are perfect for all your pretty little princesses!!
PLEASE STAY TUNED FOR MORE DETAILS REAL SOON!!! For sure we want to do 1st, 2nd & 3rd place. So a total of three give aways :~)
Any one interested in playing some sort of something for some FREE bows for your 'fancy little ladies' ?!?!!????!!!???
let me know!