Monday, April 27, 2009

1 week!

I have been working 1 week! love the job, the atmosphere is great, just missing my 'Siah!
& getting used to working as a mom :)

Life is still a little bit stressful with catching up on bills but it felt so good to be able to start paying away at those big OLD bills. Keep praying for our landlord who is still (thus far) being patient with us, as we play catch up. I so DON'T want to have to move again.
PLEASE help us pray for STEVE TO GET A JOB TOO!!!

Wednesday, April 22, 2009


I just got a call for a job interview with a company I was trying to get hired; for the past three months. That company seems to be good too! BUT I am already SOOOOOOOOOOOOOO happy here; UGHHHHH! I told you all GOD HAS A HILLARIOUS SENSE OF HUMOR!!!!!
but now I'm wondering what should I do?!?!?
any ideas???

Monday, April 20, 2009


what a HUGE blessing. My bosses are wonderful people. I am praying we get lots & lots of work!!

Friday, April 17, 2009

I GOT A JOB!!!!!

Oh MY GOSH... I finally got a job. went on interview yesturday evening at 5:00p.m. Interview ended at 6:30 and I walked out of there the new Administrative Account Clerk for a Construction Company!!! JUST LIKE THAT!!! right when I was done hoping.

Now I just gotta wait for Steve to get a call from a job but hey 1 job is better than nothing!!
I am at the library with Steve & 'Siah right now.
Kay is staying at her moms for a game tomorrow - we wanted to take her but didn't have enough gas to make the double trips and her mom has agreed to bring her home after the game :)

I start work on Monday morning at 8 a.m and 'Siah is the newest student at Bethel Christian Pre-School!!

It has been so long since I worked so I hope to get Steve's unemployment check tomorrow so I can hit the yard sales - I NEED working woman clothes l.o.l all my clothes is mommy clothes and flip flops :)

Wednesday, April 15, 2009


April 15th. Steve went to the interview - they straight ouut told him that although he has experience as a certified Fork Lift driver he has no experience in cold storage, so it doesn't look like they will be calling him. I also went to put in an application as a shipping and recieveing clerk but I don't have enough experience on the particular program they are using.

I sent my resume and had a phone interview for a construction office secretary. He said they would call me by Friday.

I do know that God is in Control. I just wish He would make things a bit clear for us as to what He expects for us to do.

I know nothing other than to continue to TRUST and to Hold on. If I had all the time in the world to share ALL the experiences where God has proven His faithfulness to us from generation to generation in our family since my granmother was a child. IT IS A WONDERFUL testament of HIS FAITHFULNESS... ... ... none the less we are human and we ARE GROWING VERY weary.

Steve and I are trying so hard to sstay focused. To remember we are ONE, to focus on the blessing of our marriage and our children but it is just plain hard and MOST stressful right now!

I keep asking why? and when will things begin to change? and still NO ANSWERS, NO RELIEF!

We filed our income taxes and we are supposed to be getting a $400.00 dollar refund which would be great, but it is going to pay child care(child support) which was SAID to never have been paid. and the $900.00 dollar stimulus payment we should have recieved as well also went to pay that! It is just plain frustrating becasue no matter how we look at things it just seem so unending. Whenever Steve went to court about this alleged outstanding child care bill, one party said it was paid and then we had proof it was paid by a federally funded agency, yet becasue we had no lawyer we are stuck paying this account so regardless - we have no refund comming. Oh well I keep praying that God will help us in this situatuion as well.

I just feel like no matter how I pray if it has to do with praying for OUR situatuions; It is like he is NOT listening. Yet people ask me to pray for them and their situations and He answers prayers.

Oh well - whatever happens will be; and there is not much of a darn thing I can do.

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

tired & frustrated AGAIN!!

I didn't get the job.... .... AGAIN! Steve is going on another interview tomorrow - see what happens.
although I am pretty sure its gonna probably be another negative outcome. So I guess I am definitely in a very negative mood. YES, I am a christian but that doesn't make me a super person. I am so FRUSTRATED. I just feel like being honest, brutally honest! I am so very, tired and I just can't figure out why this is so crazy! Why?!?!?! When is this HORRIBLE roller coaster gonna stop?

I had a WONDERFUL dream about my precious 'Lijah and he was crawling and drooling and holding him in my arms felt so good! BUT then I woke up... WHAT A HORRIBLE REALITY TO WAKE UP TO!!! I have been crying all day & Easter was hard too.

I just wish I could end this horrible reality I am living.

I know & yes I do count my blessings but this just sucks!

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

HI ALL!!! 'Spring Break'

Well, today is Tuesday. Kay is on spring break. She is home for a few days this week. Yesturday she went on a play date with a special friend from Puerto Rico who is in the States for Easter:) They had a wonderful time. Josiah also went on a play date. Daddy had a day for himself & I was swept away to the coast for dinner with Dorothy & Cindy! We ALL had such a BLESSED day! We all got much needed RECREATIONAL TIME :)

We are so blessed. Saturday we went to decorate the cemetery for passion week. and we watched the sun set. It was nice.

Kay will be with us for Resurection Sunday!!!

I went on an interview A G A I N!!!! & still don't know what will happen!!!! Rrrrr - so frusterating!