Saturday, November 29, 2008

One week from today...

In one week my Beth will be getting married. This was supposed to be a small event but as we all know weddings always get bigger & bigger.

So, today Beth went to pick up her wedding dress! We had so much fun. Kake went on a movie date with Tia Berba(Minn) & Maddie. We came back and then Cindy took me to buy me something to wear for the wedding - we are Beths 3 bridesmaids. Of course our day was filled with humor because Cindy was saying jokes about her still not being married YET!! Cindy is like a man on a mission whenever it comes to stuff like this - there is no stopping her!! She is like a... ... okay I better stop now, but I am serious we laughed so hard my chest started to hurt from laughing at ourselves so much. We had a name for almost every piece of clothing we tried on. There was 'bubbles', 'granny', 'balloon', 'barney' and others too! Of course we did not bring any of those home for us to wear! Geeze I just can't figure out why those darn dresses don't look like they do on the models?!?!
*HA! HA! HA!* (stinky dresses whats wrong with them, oh wait maybe it's the mirrors) RIGHT!!!!
Oh well I may not have a models figure but I had a wonderfully fun day & I needed a day like this it was sooooooooo much fun.
I had a great day and so did my kiddo's & daddy too!!!
Steve said -"I've been trying to get you to go out with Cindy for a long time!!!
I had fun!
I better go now cause I have to be sure to get 'Si's tie ready for church tomorrow - Oh I saw the cutest little suits when we were out today, I didn't know they made them in their sizes!! (too cute) I wanted Kake to go with us but of course she chose movies with maddie :~)