Monday, May 5, 2008

What's On My Mind & My Heart

Well, first of all we still are in "the waiting" for our unspoken request and waiting is one of my worst talents ;) We feel that The Lord is having us STEP OUT in faith. I am feeling emotionally exhausted. Steve & I were talking and he thinks it's because we don't allow ourselves to think too much whenever Kayla is here so we can have a bit of normalcy for her. I think maybe that might be part of it but also tomorrow is "Dr. DAY" that is usually what drains me. I have not been able to blog all day because I keep not knowing what to say. MY HEART IS FEELING SO HEAVY FOR BABY JACOB'S MOMMY(from my side bar) right now. Baby Jacob is struggling! WE NEED TO PRAY FOR THEM!! THIS JOURNEY IS SUCH A HARD ONE TO TRAVEL.

I've been thinking about how sometimes people don't know what to say. I realize that the road we travel is one not understood by all, not lived by all and that everyone has their own lives and daily happenings that fill their days. I too am one of those people it's just that what our reality is right now is what we are living and we cannot escape it. Our baby boy will be born and IF God chooses not to allow him to stay here then WE WILL BE BURYING HIM. While everyone else, even some of our closest relatives & friends CAN forget "it" from time to time and take a break from this emotional storm we are in, WE NEVER forget "it". because "IT" is our daily reality. This morning after we took Josiah to school I came home and slept from 9:30 to 12:00 when we went to pick up Josiah. Steve said I needed to sleep. I was thinking about how right before I fell asleep I told him, "i wish you could take take the hurt away - my heart hurts so strong like when my chest ached physically from broken ribs" (due to an accident) He just held me and said, "so you can acctually feel it? It's not just emotions if you feel it like your ribs!" and I think he wanted to take me to the dr. but I told him thats just how strong the hurt is, knowing I can't plan for my Elijah like I did for Josiah. WELL ENOUGH SAID FOR NOW.