Thursday, October 9, 2008

~ 3 Months Sweet Lijah, Love you forever ~ (1 of ?)

Oh my baby! My sweet, sweet boy. I miss you Lijah. Mommy misses you so much! I want to hold you again, to feel your precious warm face, your hair, your tiny nose, I miss you papas!

When I close my eyes... I can see you so clear in my minds eye. You are forever in my heart brave boy. I am so glad you are not tired any more. You can breath so free & clear.

Daddy made you a garden precious love! He misses you every day. We know you are in such a better place. We know you are not lacking anything!

Everyday Josiah talks about you, says your name or draws you hearts. Lijah you have a wonderful "big" brother. He is so nice. I watch the video of how he kept kissing you - Oh I know he misses you too. He plays pretend with you - giving you a ride on the back of his red tricycle. He throws the ball up in the sky and yells out your name. He blows bubbles and yells, "tiny ones for you my Lijah".

I wish you could have stayed with us. I MISS YOU SO MUCH BABY BOY!

I have met a lot of ~YOUR WORSHIP PARTNERS'~ mommies. WE ALL talk about each and every one of you; how much we love you and miss you. We share stories and pictures of all of you. I'm telling everyone that today, I'm missing my sweet 3 month old baby.

Isaac & Asher and Eva and Joshua and Jacob were all their to meet you! I talk to their mommies!

Oh, my Lijah, My sweet Lijah, My little tiny baby, Mommy misses you sweetness!

No portrait sitting, no walking you in your stroller, no singing you to sleep...

Daddy & I will go to the cemetery and let your brother blow bubbles. We made you a pretty blue heart papas.

There are very special people all over the world that think you are special!
They drop in and tell us "Hi " just like the day you were born and the day Jesus & The Angels had a big , big celebration Party, when you got to Heaven!!!!
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3 months ~ A Pocket Full Of Kisses~

A Pocket Full Of Kisses
Book By Audrey Penn
..."I think someone needs a kissing hand," she said in a voice that was warm & inviting. She took[his] hand in her own and spread open his tiny fingers into a fan. Leaning over, she kissed him right in the middle of his palm.
... And when he pressed his hand to his cheek, he could hear his mother's words in his head. "mommy loves you," they said. "mommy loves you."
..."Every night, just before the sun goes down, it reaches out with its rays and touches every star in the universe. One by one, the stars light up and shine down upon us. Even on nights we can't see the stars, they're up there sparkling away. No matter how many stars fill the sky, the sun will never run out of light, and its rays will never stop reaching out to them."
That's the way it is with kissing hands. When somebody loves you, their kisses are like the sun's rays - always there and always shining. No matter how many kissing hands I give... I will never, ever run out."

This is a story I used to read to Kayla when she was 5 years old.
now I read it to Josiah, & tonight to my Lijah!

~We will take this book and read it at the cemetery to our boys~