Monday, April 28, 2008

What's New

Well yesterday we went to church and after the morning service we went over to Ben & Minn's for lunch. The kids played outside. We went to evening service, "GREAT TIME!"

we took Kayla back to school :( miss her already! On the way back went to see how Ben was feeling. He has been under the weather. Ended up staying there for lunch.


AFTER a long day of that stuff we decided to take Josiah to see his pediatrician. He continues to be so fussy and not eating well. This is so not like him. Although Steve & I were convinced it was just his molars cutting through, my mom insisted we take him in because he just hasn't been able to be himself... ...
we went in as a walk in with no appointment so we had to wait for 2hrs and 45 minutes in the waiting room. A room filled with 28 adults each with at least one child and many of them with up to three. It was standing room only and of course it is a doctors office so the poor kiddos are all so fussy & sick. Josiah was doing pretty good just sitting with us and after about an hour and a half he asked for water so I asked the girls for a cup of water, they brought us two of those alhambra little cups. Josiah took his time drinking then decided he wanted to drink the other cup of water as well. After the water was gone he was fiddling with it and heard his echo in the cup.

Suddenly his eyes brightened up and he said, " Raise Da Lor"(praise the lord) Steve & I wanted to laugh but he was so serious. he then proceeded to lead a worship service to the "congregation"(clinic full of parents & sick children) He sang "All I want is you Jesus, I found Jesus,The name of the Lord is a strong tower, How great is our God, Stir up the hunger"
I WISH I HAD A CAMERA!!!! he looked so cute he would sing a song eyes closed and at times hands raised and he even knelt down during some of the songs. He not only lead worship but he preached too! he walked around and shouted at the top of his lungs "Bible says, Bible says, Jesus, raise da lord, allelujia Bible says" there was one little boy about his same age and Josiah walked over towards him and said "love Jesus?, raise da lord?" then he kept walking around with the cups as his microphone. SUCH A LITTLE EVANGELIST!!!! he played like this for about 15 minutes.

When we finally got in to see the Dr. she found he has a very bad infection and needs med's. poor guy I feel just horrible, here we were sure it was just his teeth and it isn't!! UgghG!!!! I feel soooooo bad for my baby! he suffered Thursday all night Friday all day & night Saturday and Sunday all day & night and today too with out the antibiotics to help his little body fight off the infection. He will not be going to school until Wednesday. I haven't told him yet because all day he kept saying, "schooly now mom, schooly". Hopefully me & daddy can be just as entertaining as his beloved Kito Ben, Teacher Jesse & best bud Mathew (i doubt it but we will sure try) IF ANY OF YOU CREATIVE PEOPLE OUT THERE HAVE ANY IDEAS FOR A SPECIAL LITTLE 2 Y R OLDS SAKE PLEASE SHARE YOUR IDEAS. I know he will appreciate them :) especially because he is so super active and smart it is such a challenge to keep him entertained.

Gotta go cuz my little man is just fussin and daddy's just walking out to pick up his prescription so I need to take him from daddys arms.