Sunday, November 9, 2008


TODAY, ELIJAH WOULD HAVE BEEN 4 MONTHS OLD. Not sure how we will feel today but one thing is certain;
Yesterday's day out was a wonderful time! After getting Kay some stuff at Old Navy we went to a consignment store and looked around then we came home & had sandwiches for lunch.
Josiah was very tired and fell asleep right after lunch. Daddy put in a movie for himself & Kakie & I worked on the computer gathering data for her ecosystem project.
Once she had taken notes and written important data, we turned off the computer, Daddy turned off the movie & we went out in our back yard and worked on her project with her.
She walked all over our back yard looking for various types of plants, twigs & Mommy even let her pull apart some brand new plant moss from 'Lijah's flower garden. We also used a tiny bit of a plant from ' Lijah's funeral too. Kake thought that was so special. She said, "Oh mom brother's gonna help me get a good grade on my project". We both smiled. Kake painted the inside of her box with green tempera paint and then we began to work on the tree limbs with cut up news paper that she rolled into a long tiny strips. She is making a TROPICAL RAIN FOREST.
We had so much fun. Daddy help with spray painting the stuff that needed stronger paint. & Mommy helped her with the glue gun. We were getting into the whole project mode thing with Josiah now working on "his own" Ecosystem box (copying sister of course) When suddenly without warning... ... RAIN!! We began screaming(well just mommy & Kake) the boys were laughing at us as we all ran around gathering our stuff. When Kakie says, "Well, we can't have a Tropical Rain Forest without rain!" We all laughed and ran inside.
We will work on her project again today, when Josiah takes his nap. After that Josiah & Dad went to the store while Kake & I had a great time cooking dinner together. I taught her how to make grandma's famous Spanish rice & tacos de carne asada. I stood by her the entire time but watching her cook just reminded me of how much she has grown. When we first met she was a tiny pudgy 5 year old just about to turn 6 and now my sweet girl is 10!!!
Of course Josiah threw a fit when we told him he could not stand by the stove like sister because he was too small. He cried & cried feeling so insulted that we had told our "big" boy he was too small. He just couldn't understand "why". (sweet baby boy - He will learn soon) :~)
Kakie was so proud when grandma came for dinner and Daddy & Grandma kept getting second servings of her rice. She was telling Grandma step by step how she had made the rice, ingredient by ingredient!
Well I better get going we have to get ready for church. & then we are going to the cemetery too. We are hoping to take pictures with Kakie home for this months anniversary of brothers 4 month b-day.