Monday, November 3, 2008


OH... If I had a camera you would all see an AMAZING SIGHT!!!!
My house is spotless!!! I was up at 5:30 this morning - I had a wonderful time of prayer & then DETAILED my house!!!

I washed & hung out ALL the laundry - It is breezy and drizzly so all four of our lines were completely full!! It took all day for it to dry because of the weather.

I cleaned my room, living room, dining room, KITCHEN(that's remarkable) ALL IN ONE DAY!! that's not all

Josiah & I walked to the store at noon. I got stuff for dinner and I made embueltos (mom, jonathan, tony & yaya & moriah came for dinner) AND I made a mexican gizo pronounced
- g ee so (g like in grass) the gizo was for Ben & Minn's family. On Monday's she spends the night with her mother in law. SO I want to start cooking for her on Monday's so it is easier for them before she goes to Thomasita's.

WOW!! a clean house all in one day & 2 dinners!!!! too bad I ran out of energy & didn't get all the clothes folded & put away... oh well but even after a full house for dinner & dessert MY KITCHEN IS IMMACULATE!!
so proud of myself :~)
My bed even has fresh clean crisp bedding too!! So do the kids beds :~)

My two handsome guys are fast asleep on the couch - a kodak moment

I think I'm gonna turn in early :~)