Friday, November 14, 2008


So last night we called Kayla to see how her project & report turned out. Josiah starts bouncing around all over the couch because he heard us say we are calling Kayla. Steve says, Kayla's moms name and Josiah starts clapping his hands saying her name over and over. Kayla gets on the phone and talks with daddy for a few minutes and Josiah is all over him trying to here his sissy's voice. After their talk daddy gives Josiah the phone and he talks to sister(just thrilled) when we start to tell him to say good night to sister and that we will pick her up next Friday his voice cracked a tiny bit - but he did good.

So now we are both giving daddy a back rub in the living room. Josiah gets bored of playing with the lotion. He goes to his room. After a long while, he comes back into the living room, sits (quietly) on the far back side of the couch. I should have known when he came "quietly".

Several minutes pass and he is still silent. My hand are full of lotion and we ask him a question or two every few minutes and he answers. We think, Oh okay so he is; just playing! (wrong!)

He had some how gotten the cordless phone and was pushing buttons. Daddy says, " Josiah you better put that phone back" (right. cause all you have to do is tell a two almost 3 year old what to do & they automatically listen right?)

My hands are still full of lotion and by now Josiah is sitting on daddy's legs(with the phone)
we here him say, "huh? huh?" I tell him, "Josiah hang up that phone"(I know- I know I should have just got taken the phone from him) BUT ALL YOU PARENTS OF TODDLERS KNOW about trying to finish up a task real quick - I was almost done & hands covered in lotion!!!

So, we here those automated voice operators talking and they say "The CRICKET(a cell phone company) number you are calling has been disconnected" Josiah's eyes widen & he gets this excited look on his face and says, "Mommy I call a cricket! I call a cricket!!" Steve started laughing (into the pillow) and I say, "Josiah stop playing with the phone" (I was trying to rub out ALL the layers of lotion, Josiah had poured on daddy's back) The kid is still pushing buttons.

Now, Steve says very sternly, "Josiah you better put that phone down or your gonna get a time out little boy!"

Josiah climbs off daddy's legs and sits farther away. Now we here him say(very quietly) "huh? I can't. No!" He pushed the speaker button, because we here the automated operator say "please hang up and try your call again" Josiah looks at us wide eyed (the I'm in trouble look) I am now starting to get up and Josiah pushes a button quickly, thinking he was hanging up the phone. He did not hand up so the operator again says, "please hang up & try your call again" He crawls behind the couch and whispers desperately, "I can't - my daddy say I in trouble" (operator keeps talking - Josiah pushing and pushing buttons operator keeps talking. Josiah says, "NO! STOP TALKING ME- I can't call you later! MY DADDY GET MAD" - "LISTEN", he yells "Listen to me -NO MY DADDY GET MAD - I NO CALL YOU BACK- NO!!! NOOOOOO!" I am putting the lotion away & Steve is getting up (we are both trying HARD not let Josiah see us laughing)
When Josiah (now very frustrated with this man- who is trying to get him in trouble) sighs in exasperation "UUUuugggggGggHHH, DADDY HE NO LISTEN TO ME!!!" throws the phone onto the couch and looks at me and says, "Me no call him back mommy. Me listen." looks at Steve pick up the phone as he sits on the couch- Josiah says "daddy gonna tell him!" SO... ... Daddy puts the phone to his ear and says, "Mr! Josiah not gonna call you back! You can't talk to Josiah no more he is only 2 years old & you better not tell him to call you NO MORE"

Josiah looks (wide eyed) very serious at Steve (the - so, there my daddy told you, look!) and says "he no call me no more daddy?" (Steve trying to hold in his laugh) "He get in trouble daddy? he no tell me to call him back later?" a very quiet "no" is all I could say (trying not to bust out laughing.