Tuesday, November 1, 2011

An Exciting Milestone for OUR first born.... hes not a baby anymore

Tonight after dinner, Steve walked into the dining room and says, "Siah put your shoes on son" Josiah smiles huge and says, "oh i know dad we're going on *spells(so Haliah doesnt cry)*
B-I-K-E!" Steve says no we're going to do a FATHER SON thing :) Siah smiles and I ask CAN I GO? Siah says, "mom you know you cant do any tough moves or stuff like boys do!!"

He PROUDLY walks out with his daddy and jumps in the truck!!! after quite a while they return and Siah is WALKING EVER SO TALL and says "MOM, THATS IT NOW, IM A REAL DINUBA WRESTLER!!! I'M A WRESTLER JUST LIKE MY DADDY AND MY NINO!!! and mom I can do this so dont freak out okay, im a tough kid and I'm a Douglas PLUS MOM REMEMBER, "I CAN DO ALL THINGS THROUGH JESUS CHRIST WHO GIVES ME STRENGTH"

I'M PROUDLY, JOYFULLY, EMOTIONALY EXCITED!!!!! and i think i might cry at his first match HAAAHAAA