Monday, January 5, 2009


Tonight - Jonathan & Olivia, Tony & Beth came over with dinner and we had a tostito bowl party. Kito & I spent the afternoon together it was so nice! I hadn't had a nice time with my 1st nephew in a VERY LONG time. We got back and it was just about time for everyone to get here so Kito Ben stayed for pizza too!!

Steve had called me while I was out with Kito & told me they were all meeting here to watch the game with him. When Kito & I walked in to the house Steve & Josiah had made some posters that said OHIO vs. TEXAS he had divided the living room in half and set it up for opposing teams. Tony is from Texas so he & the Dews were going for Texas, Mom goes with the flow, Josiah & I are partial to Texas as well - normally Steve is too but tonight he decided to make it fun and he was the lone ranger going for OHIO Jonathan & Olivia got here and Jonathan also decided it would be fun to Join Steve in going against Tony. Olivia sided with us :)
Way to go 'Livia!!! YOU CHOSE THE WINNING TEAM!!!!!!

Such a nice evening full of laughter and carefree, pleasurable fun with my bro. & sis :)

I am so grateful to Jonathan, it seems that lately he has been getting real close to Steve. I am not sure if it is just happening naturally what but it has been such a needed outlet for Steve.

I also want to say Thank you to all my dear friends who have been e-mailing to check in on us. We are doing okay

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