Tuesday, April 7, 2009

HI ALL!!! 'Spring Break'

Well, today is Tuesday. Kay is on spring break. She is home for a few days this week. Yesturday she went on a play date with a special friend from Puerto Rico who is in the States for Easter:) They had a wonderful time. Josiah also went on a play date. Daddy had a day for himself & I was swept away to the coast for dinner with Dorothy & Cindy! We ALL had such a BLESSED day! We all got much needed RECREATIONAL TIME :)

We are so blessed. Saturday we went to decorate the cemetery for passion week. and we watched the sun set. It was nice.

Kay will be with us for Resurection Sunday!!!

I went on an interview A G A I N!!!! & still don't know what will happen!!!! Rrrrr - so frusterating!