Sunday, September 28, 2008


Well Steve decided he & Josiah needed some "guy time" today. So even though Kayla & I tried pouting in the way home from church this morning and I tried convincing him of "family time" he drove into our driveway to drop us off. As Kayla & I got off the car very quiet, Josiah & Daddy were chanting "BOYS!... BOYS!... BOYS!" Josiah had the biggest smile. Daddy & him were going to a wholesale tool store(he's not even 3 yet & already he loves tools!). Kayla & I tried one last attempt at throwing a big pouty face as they drove out onto the street... are you kidding they were cheering so loud they didn't even notice our faces.

Kayla & I came into the house and changed into our "comfies" & got started on lunch (carne asda burritos). After chopping the lettuce, tomatoes & shredding the cheese I asked Kayla to pick out her clothes from the laundry baskets in the living room. I told her to take hers & her brothers out and fold them. I was in the kitchen cooking the meat and could here her singing her little heart out! After a while I noticed she wasn't singing and was too quiet (even for a 10 yr. old). I walk over to take a peak and she was tyring on one of my *nighties* from the baskets. For a split second I thought of calling her name then realized I would startle her. I went back to cooking the meat, about 7 minutes later the house phone rang. She squealed out "I GOT IT!!" then said, "MOM, IT'S DADDY" (in a very high pitch tone). I came to the phone and spoke with Steve for about 1 minute and as soon as I hung up the phone she asked, "WHAT? WHAT MOM WHAT DID DADDY WANT?" I told her that Josiah had fallen asleep as soon as they got to the freeway and that they were turning back. She ran into the living room and said, "I better hurry with the clothes". Not even 10 seconds later she comes into the kitchen squealing,"momma I better put this (my *nightie*) in your drawer - daddy's almost coming and how embarrassing, if he saw it!" (I almost think she was blushing). "Okay sweetie" , I replied and she darted out of the kitchen saying, "your welcome mom - you would have been embarrassed huh?"
That was too cute her sweet innocense and just as she walked out of my bedroom, Steve walked in with Josiah over his shoulder fast asleep... ... ... so much for a boy's trip to the tool store!!!