Friday, January 9, 2009

January 9th

6 months ago today, We were holiding our little 'Lijah in our arms. It feels so chaotic!
I really want to give up!!! I know I can't quit but I am so tired and I honestly don't see things straight any more.

Steve & I continue to be under a tremendous amount of financial stress (unimaginable)!!!
We both went on job interviews today.

Which could be seen as a good thing except that I don't have anymore energy to hope.

I will not be blogging much any more because we no longer have internet service. I am honestly not sure how much longer until this dam will break.

I will try to check my emails whenever I get a hold of a computer & I will try to blog at least once a week. (my nephew ben's computer)

Prayer requests:
#1 JOBS for Steve & I
#2 continued peace in our home
#3 kids health
#4 Gods provision
#5 direction

our email is


  1. Hi Steve & Marie
    I have only been reading your blog for a little while, so don't know all of your struggles. I just want to let you know that I have and will continue to pray for your situation. May you feel our Lord peace and love surround you and may you remember His promise to never leave us.
    ~your sister in Christ

  2. Happy Birthday Handsome 'Lijah. :) Hugs to you Marie!

  3. I will miss you! Keep in touch please!!

  4. Marie-
    I pray for you and your family DAILY!!! And now I will pray specifically for jobs for the both of you!!! I know that ou are discouraged and maybe at the point of giving up; but please hold tight...GOD IS GOOD and HE WILL PROVIDE...and I know it seems like "what is taking so long??"; but we have to remember that He has plans for all of us and it is in His time. And honestly, Marie I do.not.understand. why He "tests" us so often (it seems like extra often for you); but again, I do feel in my heart that He will bless you twofold!!! Please keep your spirits are SUCH an inspiration to me!!

  5. hi there! my name is chelsea. i had a my beautiful baby girl one month ago today!.. she had meckel-gruber. and god took her 45 minutes after i had her. i am 17 years old.. and i have my whole life ahead of me. me and my boyfriend are doing so much better than we thought we would. i just wanted to say to try to keep your head up. stick together. i wish the best for you and your family. i will pray for you... and if you need someone to talk to.. i know a little bit of how you feel.