Monday, October 27, 2008


So the weekend was busy! Had a very wonderful weekend with my sweet Kakie (Kayla). She was very anxious to go meet Moriah. They came home from the hospital on Saturday evening. Steve, Kayla, Josiah & I went to moms before they got there and decorated the front yard. We put up a Welcome Home banner & hung tree decorations & balloons (all pink of course).

When we saw them driving up the street we all ran to the side walk and Welcomed them home!!!

I made embueltos(my grandmas recipes of a cross between enchiladas & a taco) for dinner.

On Sunday Josiah woke up very sick - So instead of Steve & the kids going to church. Kayla went with me to help Beth out & make her breakfast.(Gee, I wonder why she didn't pick church over a cute & cuddly new baby????).
Steve took Josiah to the doctor(our pediatrician is open 7 days a week). They spent the day together. Josiah told me they were having a "boy" day. They went to Wal-Mart & then his & daddy's favorite - a walk through home depot(Josiah loves to ride in the car carts) & Steve loves to unwind walking through their.

Whenever the kids see the orange home depot sign they say "Daddy's Toy Store!"

Kayla & I were busy with not only sweet Moriah & house chores but we were making bows.
(our new found project)

I let Kayla make three on her own. She made 3 different designs & I told her she could take them with her to her moms house & share with her sister.

I had so much time to talk with her and we read(another of our favorite pass times). She will pick out a book and we read it together then we rent the movie. right now we are reading HEIDI.

The last series we read was ANNE OF GREEN GABLES. I love that she loves to read with me and that she enjoys the same movies I do!!!

I drove her back home on Sunday evening. We talked so much!!

I MISS HER!! She will be at her moms for all this week and all next week!! This year she will be with her mom for Halloween - we were hoping she could come with us for Karaoke night at church cause she loves loves loves singing - & she's good at it too!!

We were just about there when she realized she forgot her cheer stuff here. I hope we can take it for her during the week so her mom doesn't get mad & she don't get in trouble at school.

MY PRECIOUS JOSIAH is feeling a little better but hates the breathing treatments!!!
He can't stand the mask on his face.

He has been very fussy. Last night when we took him out of the bath he was being so independent that he walked from the bathroom to his bed to change for the first time. (we usually carry him) then he stood there and said, "mommy I a big boy for dry myself like daddy, watch!" and he did he dried him self(very well I might add) then as I tried to put him on his bed to dress him, he said, "No mommy I a big boy for change myself!" He put on his night time pull up & his P.J's ALL BY HIM SELF!!!! my boy is growing up!!!