Thursday, April 10, 2008


Hi all first of all let me say how encouraging it has been to read the comments that have come in from people who have found us through "Joshua's Story". AND IF ANYONE INTERESTED IN POSTING A COMMENT, JUST CLICK ON COMMENT AT BOTTOM OF POSTING YOU MAY DO IT ANONYMOUS IF YOU DO NOT WANT TO LOG IN.
We have been having it rough but it is so evident to see the hand of GOD touchin us ever so lovingly and tenderly through out every moment. WE KNOW WE ARE NOT ALONE!!! On Monday we were having a rough day and Steve ended up in the emergency room with chest pains (thank God it turned out to be a bruised & swollen sternum and not anyhting more serious) Well this woman stopped me as I walked out of the bathroom and we began to talk she is a christian and I told her about Elijah she said she would pray. I went back into the room with Steve and after about 15minutes I heard a page over the loud speaker for Steve Douglas to call the hospital operator. I thought for sure it was my mom (she was watching Josiah). I went to the phone and called the operator and she said "please come to the front desk" so I went over and the woman stands up and smiles as she says, "I have a gift for you from Jesus (A BOOK) & a scripture for you & your husband" she said "and your husband will be well maybe this is the reason you came to the hospital today".
Today I just got back from school & Steve was getting ready to go to work but went to check the mail first. WE got the bank statement from Elijah's burial/memorial fund and found that some one made a deposit!!! also we got a greeting card in the mail (JUST AT THE MOMENT WE NEEDED IT)!!!! AND last night a couple from church blessed us with a gas card!!! HOW GREAT A GOD WE SERVE AND ALL THE PEOPLE AROUND US SHOWING US SO MUCH LOVE!!! WE JUST GOTTA SAY "ALL YOU PEOPLE ARE AWESOME!!!!!" Also my Tia Janie in Texas along with her church continue to send us their Love!!!! My Tia sends me cards and very encouraging magazines and her churches prayer cards have truely been a strength to us when we NEED it the most. The ladies at our church have put in place a prayer tree where someone prays for us daily WE CAN REALLY FEEL THE PRAYERS!!! AS I SIT HERE TEARS ROLLING DOWN MY FACE I MUST SAY THAT THERE ARE NO WORDS TO EXPRESS OUR GRATTITUDE FOR ALL THE LOVE WE HAVE EXPERIENCED THROUGH YOU ALL!!!