Friday, December 19, 2008


A small selection of the bows I am making. In the spirit of giving, I would like to host a give away!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I am not exactly sure how I want to do the give a way but I want to make it fun! Steve & I were talking about different ways of making it fun - DO any of you have any ideas???
I love working on these bows. I can just let my creativity go & enjoy some serene moment of Peace!!
These are perfect for all your pretty little princesses!!
PLEASE STAY TUNED FOR MORE DETAILS REAL SOON!!! For sure we want to do 1st, 2nd & 3rd place. So a total of three give aways :~)
Any one interested in playing some sort of something for some FREE bows for your 'fancy little ladies' ?!?!!????!!!???
let me know!


  1. Sure sounds like fun. But, I am not creative and don't have a creative bone in my body. lol. So, I don't have any suggestions. Lot of help I am huh??

  2. Sounds like fun... I am not sure what you could do, but I am falling in LOVE with bows for Emma and need more!! :)


  3. I would be very interested! Love them :)

  4. I'd actually be interested in buying some of your bows if you want to sell some, Depending on cost. :D My email is Let me know!