Friday, December 19, 2008


Let's make it a scavenger hunt(of sort)!!!

#1) Find a Person that YOU know who's name is Marie or Steve

you post a comment with that persons name & home town, if they post a comment & mention YOUR name you have just entered twice :~)

#2) My Dream places to visit - Italy to ride the gondolas & in USA, Maine because I have read so much about those beautiful light houses.

you post a comment if YOU have ever lived (or visited) there or know some one who has/does if they post a comment &mention your name you have entered twice(use last name or city/town name to differentiate you from others with common names)

#3) Tell us about the deserving 'fancy girl' who will wear these bows if you post a link for us to see her you entered twice

#4) THE LAST ONE...have as many people as you can post a comment on our blog telling us why YOUR 'fancy' girl' should win the set of 3 head bands/clips and four interchangeable bows

we will select the top three to have the most comments meeting the criteria above :~)
~good luck & have fun~

START NOW till the 23rd [MY TIME] @ 7:00a.m we will announce the TOP 3 winners @ 7 :00 p.m on the same day!!!

1 comment:

  1. Well, my first love was Steve. He broke my heart at age 16. Ihave a cousin-in-law named Marie. I really do not have contact with either!

    Brad and Abby went to Maine on their honeymoon and Mike and Dryscha also went so he could take lighthouse pictures.

    I have 4 little pumkins who wear bows - Jocelyn (whose picture is now on my blog), Juliet, Aleyna, and Moriah! I think if I had to give a reason for why I would like to win for them - the triplets are a given for drawing attention and because of their age, demand attention. I treasure each little person for who they are and attempt to show each of them why they are special and unique.