Saturday, December 6, 2008

Such a long BEAUTIFUL DAY!

1st - Hi Sheena! thanks for your comment. I don't have any pictures right now but I will try to have my nephews send some to my email by tomorrow, okay!

Such a long-long-long day... It was good though!
So, I have to be honest and admit, I hit the snooze button and fell fast asleep til 7:45 a.m when 'Si[who NEVER sleeps past 7:00] walked into our room.

I guess last night Steve & I were so wound up we had a hard time falling asleep. We were tired but just couldn't fall asleep and about 1:00 a.m I heard , "mommy" it was Kay telling me she had a sore throat and a dry stuffy nose. We put some vicks baby menthol in her nostrils and tucked her back in and then, I guess she was wide awake because from then on for about the next 30 minutes the three of us were giggling, talking and carrying on about silly stuff. At 3:00 a.m I heard another, "mommy" it was 'Si. Steve got up and found monie & tucked him back in. I was wide awake, so I decided I might as well take advantage of the time and jumped in the shower. Needless to say, by the time i got out and back into bed. I was out cold whenever the alarm came on at 5:00, so I slept in (accidentally)

I felt horrible. I was supposed to be at moms to help Beth get dressed at 8:00!!! I woke up at 7:45 ( I know, I know how awful of me) NO WE DID NOT MAKE IT ON TIME! no - not even to the wedding!!!
We had the groom with us and he arrived at the church at 10:01 and Beth got there at 10:35.

The wedding was just precious. I carried Moriah in. Cindy & Daniel sang, 'From This Moment' by Shania Somthing... ... oh my goodness - we were all balling (I don't think there was a dry eye in the house). Cindy had to wipe my tears cause I was holding Moriah - She was part of the wedding party (too cute - can't wait to get pic's to post)!!

Wedding was over at 11:30. Reception was very nice. quaint. Simple but lovely. Served finger foods & cake. Cleaned up & came home @ 12:45 rested for about 1 hour and then packed up the bows. We were all a little on the grumpy(tired-grumpy) side for about 20 minutes, while we packed up & drove. The kids were tired & no my little 'Si did NOT get a nap - poor guy.

As soon as we got there the Christmas spirit hit us & we were okay except that IT WAS COLD!!! cold- cold- cold!
It was so cold that only half the regular crowd showed up out there & some street vendors left early because of the cold.

We still haven't really counted how much we sold but I know it wasn't that much - At 5:00 mom packed up & left, We stayed for about 20 minutes more. We were trying to brave the cold & wait to see the actual tree lighting ceremony but it was too cold so we packed up & got ready to go.

Fowler is such a small close knit community and lots of people know us from all the years I lived in Fowler plus all the parents & children who know me from when I worked at the school district. Kayla is known there too - It's like our home town :)

Our booth was right next to my x-neighbor. She said a cheery, "hi Kayla" & Kayla didn't remember her. Kristen had to remind her- she was mommy's neighbor!

We were just about ready to leave when one of the little girls came up to Kayla & offered her two gold fish. *aye!!*
So of course being the little pet lover she is, Kayla squealed with excitement as Samantha's mom asked Steve if she could have them. Seeing Kayla's expression we said okay(reluctantly). None the less we now have two new additions to the Douglas family. She named them, Sherbet & Turquoise, Gem, Onyx, or something like that.

Now we were really getting ready to leave - Steve was actually loading stuff when Kristen comes to her booth with two toddler size bicycles (raffle prizes) a pink one and a blue one. She has a niece but no nephew. YUP! you guessed it!!! She gave it to 'Si !!!! WOW what a BIG day for the kids! Free pictures with Santa ('Sia had to be bribed by Nino Jonathan) & Kayla took three pic's with Santa!!! The fish & the bike - Both kids had a smile that lit up brighter than the tree ceremony!!

We rushed home & cleaned up our messy living room & dining room. Jonathan & Olivia were the first to get here for the 'after party', Then Beth's friend Becca, then finally Beth & Tony arrived with mom & 'Riah. The pizzas arrived - more guests arrived. The music started at about 6:45 p.m and we mingled a little -for about an hour and then the bride and groom had their first dance. It was beautiful. After that it was on - we had our humble but extremely fun family dance. We had all the girls dance first and then the kids joined in and then it the guys started acting silly & joined in. Then Steve took me into the center of our living room and we danced and laughed so hard when he dipped me & every one clapped![Cindy got really good pictures - I will ask her to send them to my email so I can post some]it has been a while since Steve & I danced & had such a wonderfully FUN evening like that (*sigh* BIG- SMILE*) . He and Kayla had a father-daughter dance and she got teary, my precious girl - it was just so precious to see her in her daddy arms all teary. 'Siah was sweet on one of the 19 year old girls (*Aye*) he danced with his nina Cindy - Cindy danced with Kayla & Kayla pulled me out a couple of times to "teach"me how to dance, She said, "come here mom - look- just follow my lead" I am not a dancer but her & Selina were sure having a blast teaching me or most likely laughing at me!! It was so much fun!!! Our house finally started to clear out at about 10:oo and Mom & Moriah are spending the night so Kayla & Steve got their fill of Moriah without 'Si hovering over them.

Mom & 'Ri are sleeping over in Kayla's room (Mr. & Mrs. Dews are celebrating their marriage tonight - no baby!!! & momma is having baby with drawls). Kay is "camping out with 'Si. Moriah fell asleep at 11:00. Kay fell asleep at 11:30 and 'Si fell asleep at 10:50 ( he was so tired).

Oh and we just remembered we have Kito-Ben's 20th birthday celebration after church tomorrow.

I am T.I.R.E.D!!!

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  1. It was a big surprise to see my name at the start of your blog! Thanks for the blow by blow account of your day - now am really looking forward to the pictures! How did babysitting Moriah go? I want a cuddle now!!!
    Would you also be able to post a photo of your bows and hair things that you make to sell? Is this a home buisness?
    Hope you are able to enjoy Ben's birthday - tell him happy birthday all the way from Australia!
    love Sheena