Saturday, December 6, 2008

Cherishing the moments

I am a very strong believer in cherishing moments. I was thinking about how time just goes so very fast. Kayla got home today and we dashed out the door to go pay the rent and pick up some stuff at the store real quick. Real quick took forever and it was dark by the time we got home.

We got back and changed for the reahersal and out the door again... We practiced walking in, standing, walking out and did this over and over til it was just right. Josiah is not very interested in this ring bearer business.
Practice started at 6:00 and we left at 9:30. We set up , decorated, ate and then our family had to leave. We came home and without any discussion to be had between us & the kids - "camp douglas" was not on the itinarary for this Friday night. THe kids are so involved with all we are doing they didn't seem to mind.

We all walked in the front door and Kayla went straight for the shower. I changed 'Si into his jammies, Steve did some packing and arranging of our sale stuff.

Everything seemed to be functioning just fine. 'Si was looking for his pillow to lie down, Kake is showering, Steve's packing and it hit me... ... ... "CHERISH THE MOMENTS" I knew I had lots to do. I am or should I say we are all so tired. Just then Kake comes out of her shower and I think "cherish the moments-this here and now moment".

I grab a blanket throw it down on the carpet and tell the kids & Steve well we aren't doing "camp douglas" be we can always make time for family cuddles!
So, we all piled in cozy, cozy, comfy, comfy (as 'Si says it) and had the most wonderful cuddle time together. I started singing worship songs to them and every now and then 'Si & Kake would join in and as I rubbed my finger on her forehead; Again, Ithought "cherish these moments". 'Si was holding my face as I sang to them and Kayla cuddled close between us daddy & her were making ~cricket feet~ (it's a thing we all do to eachother when we are laying together. We rub our feet together till we fall asleep).

Kake was facing me and when I winked at her she squeezed my shoulder. We were singing different worship songs to our "precious blessings from heaven". In that very moment Steve & I knew this moment is one our children will cherish forever. We too cherish these moments and we tucked them in and the most precious sight to see is Kake holding 'Si while they sleep.

I had some one write to me and ask me how Kay & 'Si get along. I said they get along like all siblings do, why wouldn't they? They are both my children. My sweet girl just has a first mommy & I am the second.

Lately Josiah has been trying to grasp the concept of why sister has two homes and today he asked her, "tister - you first mommy she say yes? (kake (we) had no idea what he was trying to say) I asked him her mommy say yes for what? and he said, "her first mommy say yes to tister(sister) to she eat candy with me?"
He was asking if her first mommy would let her share one of his candies :)

On this busy day I have been so blessed to take the time to cherich the fleeting moments in our sometimes chaotic life schedules.

We will be at the wedding at 10:00 :) Beth & Tony are so exausted! They just left the church at 11:45 p.m tonight.

I better go sleep for a few hours before we hear that alarm clock at 5:30 a.m

I will try to ask Kito Ben to send me some pic's from the wedding

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  1. Cherish the moment - that is something I need to do more. Thank you for sharing that thought in the midst of all your busyness with the wedding and the sale. I hope and pray that all goes well tomorrow. You had better get pictures - I will be waiting for them and a blow by blow account of your day.
    love and prayers,