Sunday, December 7, 2008

weekend over :`)

Sorry - No pic's yet. I begged my two nephews to email them to me this afternoon but the lunch party was WAY BIG & lasted from noon time to evening service, so maybe tomorrow I will ask them again. Selina said she has some. I am gonna ask her see if she can send them to me tomorrow.

Church was good today! The food Ben(not my nephew Kito-Ben. his dad.) made MMMmmmmmm!
We had yummy tacos de carne asada (not wanting to make everyone drool) but
O.M. G - those things were exquisite!!! scrumptious!!! Ben makes them in his DISCO( an outdoor Mexican version of a Wok type fryer) it runs like a gas BBQ grill. Same type of propane tank. The chili salsa that Minn made oooooh my mouth is watering!!!

Ben & Minn live out in the country on a big property in the middle of orchards & vineyards. They have a back yard & a back-back yard. All the kids were playing in the back-back yard while all the men were outside with Ben as he was making the meat for the tacos. I was inside with all the ladies & Kito-Ben & his friends, when suddenly Steve walked in carrying Josiah['Si was crying] and Kake was right behind them and she too was crying - Steve was as white as a ghost and Kayla was crying so bad along with 'Si. We finally found out what happened - they were looking for one of the puppies that had wandered out under one of the trailers. The kids were playing on it and Josiah some how fell off the trailer and his hand got caught under the bar or trailer hitch. HE IS PERFECTLY FINE!!! Praise The Lord!!! He was just really scared. My nephew Roque showed Steve exactly what happened. We washed up his muddied hands and saw that he was fine and would not need to take him to the hospital. Kakee was still crying and very scared - Josiah kept trying to console her, telling her - "I okay sister - I okay! No fry(he can't pronounce his C's) NO FRY sister - I okay".

Kayla later explained to me that she thought that since he fell backwards landing on his head she thought ,"his brain would fall out like 'Lijah's did" Oh it just broke my heart... ... ... (no wonder my sweet girl was crying so badly) Steve & I hugged her and assured her that 'Si was okay and that her scary feelings were normal - She went out to play the rest of the afternoon :) So- did 'Siah.

Moriah slept very well at her 1st "slumber party"!! She must have been tired from all the days activities cause she slept all night long - but woke up SUPER-SUPER hungry at 5:30 a.m

Kake is back home tonight. She was feeling sick - a little bit (probably a bug) Please pray for her and her family not to get sick (the last thing any one needs right now is to catch a flu bug).

Oh I can't wait to get my hands on those wedding pictures!!! Oops I almost forgot Kake named her fish - Sherbet & RHINESTONE, not gem - she laughed at me when I asked if it was gem!!!

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