Wednesday, December 17, 2008


I lost Steve's wedding band!! I know, I already lost a child; how could a ring cause a panic attack? I DON'T KNOW!! BUT IT HAS!! I can't find the ring any where. We were alone making tamales. I told him to take off his ring. He gave it to me. I can't remember anything more. I was having a very bad morning. My blood pressure was sky high & my head was pounding. I was not wanting to make tamales becasue I felt sick. My head was pounding. Steve & I started to spread the masa on the tamales & I felt like the masa needed something. I calle dmom to come & check it out for me. She said she was at an appointment, she would be here later. Josiah was jumping off the couches and I got upset. Steve told me to stop making the tamales. I covered the bowl with masa and left the table. Steve went outside with Josiah.

Ohhhhhh Steve is so mad, he is so beyond upsete he is not talking he is just pacing & sighing. I feel dizzy, I can't stop shaking. I feel like throwing up. I feel sick, my head hurts so bad. My arms feel itchy & my mind is a complete blur.

I was so tense, Steve told me to go pick up what we needed at wal-mart. I left. I went to walmart the store was horribly packed. I left the store I was still having a horrible headache. I went to Office Max, talked to Daniel walked out got in the car and drove home - I can't even remember what I did when I got here. Mom got here she looked at the masa & started working on the tamales with Steve. I was very dizzy & my head hurt. I could not concentrate.

I feel so sick. SOME BODY PLEASE PRAY!! I will never be able to replace that ring!! I men literally, we have no money. I had that ring custom ordered to match mine & even my wedding set is a custom order. I will never be able to save enough money to do that again!!!
I can't believe this
I feel so ...
I better go
I need to do something
I know it's just a ring but I feel awful
I feel like I am going to throw up.
Oh Holy Spirit please help me find that ring.
I am so stupid! why did I make him take it off!!
Steve is so upset. I can't even beging to tell you how upset he is.
He isn't talking at all. he is as white as snow.
he keeps pacing and sighing.
he won't say anything!!
he jsut won't stop looking around every inch of this house
he just went throughall the trash piece by piece.
I am breaking out in hives.
He just sat down inthe living room and turned off the lights.
I wish he would at least yell at me or tell me how stupid & irresponsible I am.


  1. I'm sure it will turn up. It has to be in the house somewhere. If you just stop thinking about it, you'll probably find it. good luck, ill pray for you guys! :)

  2. It is okay! Like you said....there are much harder things in life to lose. Steve's ring is just a material thing and even though it is lost, that doesn't change your marriage to one another. You are still a couple, with or without the ring. Just try and relax and know that God has a still and know that He is God! I will pray for it to appear:)!

  3. Marie - My daughter Dryscha had a small diamond ring that my grandpa bought for my mom because he could not afford a class ring for her. It was an heirloom - precious just to us. It came up missing. That was years ago and I still look for it.....It's a horrible feeling to loose something so precious.

  4. Dear Marie,
    You WILL get that ring back. The good thing is that you know it has to be in your house. You are panicking because of the stress that you are under, but you will remember once you relax. It couldn't just disappear. Let me tell you a story about a very special cross that I lost. It was so unusual - like none I had ever seen. I lost it, chain and all. I retraced my steps all over the place. Months went by and I gave up and bought a different one - one that was just ordinary. Then my dad was in the hospital with terminal cancer. They were moving him from a private room into a Hospice room. I wasn't there at the time. When I went to see him, my mom showed me a cross they had found while cleaning out his room to move him. She wondered if it was mine. This was the cross that I had lost months and months before - long before my dad was even IN the hospital. If God can return that to me, and in such a way as to show it was impossible to be anything but Him, then He will help you to find Steve's ring. I am praying that it is soon so that you can have peace.


  5. Breathe, Breathe. Close your eye. Breathe. Go take a walk. Send him on walk. Breathe.
    What is more important? Something you spent money on or the person you are madly and deeply in love with? Breathe.

  6. Oh Marie, you poor thing. Don't blame yourself - that could happen to anyone! I am sure you will find the ring. I will pray that you find it. These things happen - it was not your fault! I'm sure Steve will realize that as he calms down. I'm so sorry! Hugs to you! Praying you find it!