Wednesday, December 17, 2008


any one out there wanna fill me on how I can change the pictures on the side bar of my blog. Like I want to update the pictures.
If any one can instruct me on how to do this I WILL FOREVER BE SO HAPPILY THANKFUL TO YOU!!! :)

Josh put these in for us whenever he set us up on the blog. I am pretty sure he did not pay anything to add these pic's (I have tried to change them by clicking on them but nothing happens & whenever I click the add image icon it puts the pics in my post not on the side bar)

This is Josh's senior year & he is so busy - he has not had a chance to even get Beth her wedding pic's yet so I know he will not have time to come and show me or do it for me.

BUT if it costs money then I am fine with the pictures we have up :) I just thought since I have really nice pic's we took at the pumpkin patch & the kids are older now too!!

So if any one has any ideas(on how to do this) let me know!!!

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  1. It’s not too hard to change the pictures in your sidebar, and don’t worry, all the Blogger features and anything you want to add or change is always free! Just make sure you save the old pictures to your computer first if you haven’t already, so you’ll still have them somewhere after you take them off your blog. So, here's what you do:

    While logged in to Blogger, view your blog page. You will see in the upper right: “customize”. Click on that, and it will take you to the blog’s layout page, where you can make changes. You will see where your sidebar elements are, and you should see “add a gadget”. Click that and a window will open with choices of things you can add. You want to go for “picture”. Click there and a little browser window will open up so you can upload pictures from your computer (or on the web if you have the web address.)

    After you upload your picture(s) you save, and then you can view your blog to see how it looks. Newly added “gadget” items are always installed at the top of the sidebar, but you can go back into the layout page and drag them to wherever you want.

    Hope this helps. I’m better at doing it than I am at explaining how to do it!