Friday, May 2, 2008



It seems like it was just yesterday that we found out about our baby boy's condition and it was almost three months ago FEB. 13, that day is getting closer, that we will have to say Goodbye too our son! We pray that GOD will answer our prayers, but if He chooses not too it will be hard for us knowing that he's not in my wife's belly. We won't be able to talk to him through the belly anymore, or rub and pat him through the belly! that feeling will be tough to get through, but GOD will see us through this very sad time. It will be hard on our whole family that day, but it will also be a celebration too. Our son will be home with our LORD AND SAVIOR in heaven. That day will be very hard for my wife, because she is carrying ELIJAH inside her. She is getting all the kicking, moving feeling in her belly, so I know everybody is already praying for us, but I ask that you will pray a little extra for my wife, that GOD will give her strength when that day comes. It will be very hard on me too knowing that GOD has blessed me with another son that I will have to give him back to JESUS, don't get me wrong, I'm blessed to have 2 beautiful kids. Daddy's little boy Josiah and daddy's little girl Kayla. I know that we are all one family, but on family outing's, holidays, and special occasions, even though ELIJAH will always be in our HEART'S, our family will always be missing ELIJAH here with us. And on that day when JESUS comes back to take us home, the first thing I will ask him, is to take me to hold my little ELIJAH. We know what the out come of this MIRACLE will be. Our family has FAITH that GOD could do a MIRACLE ON ELIJAH'S head, but we believe In FAITH ELIJAH'S MISSION is to show the people of the world that are not saved, and the POWER that GOD has! What I mean is until you logged on to this sight you might not have thought to much about JESUS in your life. I don't know how many people who read this, about ELIJAH'S MISSION if they are saved or even know JESUS CHRIST our LORD AND SAVIOR is real. GOD has a plan for ELIJAH'S MISSION, us Christian's might not understand why GOD does things, but we know it's for a reason. GOD gave ELIJAH to us like this not to punish us, but HE knew we would be able to spread his WORD around the world. We believe ELIJAH'S MISSION is to bring people to know JESUS, and when you let GOD into your life and into your heart, then you will know that JESUS loves us and understand GOD has a reason, and not to punish us. Punishment will be when people that didn't Accept him into their lives have to spend the rest of their life in HELL! GOD loves everybody even the one's don't know him. So when you log on you can't say that you don't knowof GOD, because you have heard through ELIJAH'S MISSION, you have said a prayer for us! ELIJAH and our family asked that you help us pray for a MIRACLE! Only by the power of GOD that you said a prayer for us. GOD hears us all . GOD might not give us the MIRACLE and let him stay, but GOD'S MISSION FOR ELIJAH, we believe was to bring people to know our LORD AND SAVIOR JESUS CHRIST! We know GOD gave us our MIRACLE our PRECIOUS BABY BOY ELIJAH! but I truly believe the MIRACLE OF GOD was to bring unsaved people to know our LORD AND SAVIOR JESUS CHRIST!! It might be sad that GOD did it this way, but it would have been even more sad If people of the world didn't get a chance to know JESUS! Even if you think you accidentally logged on to ELIJAH'S MISSION, let me tell you that it was no accident, it was GOD KNOCKING ON THE DOOR OR YOUR HEART giving you the chance to know HIM and to change your life. I'm sad, that I might not have ELIJAH very long here, BUT I DO KNOW THAT GOD GAVE OUR FAMILY A PROMISE THAT WE WILL MEET AGAIN IN HEAVEN,!!!!!! I PRAISE GOD AND THANK HIM FOR LETTING ME BE PART OF THE MIRACLE OF LIFE!!!! Even if only one unsaved person logged on ELIJAH'S MISSION was accomplished. All GOD wants from us is our HEART'S AND SOUL'S and HE'S ready to bless us with so much more!!



  1. Great to hear from you Steve and a wonderful post from the heart. The Lord is so good all of the time and I know I will never understand His ways completely this side of heaven, but I know His ways are perfect. I am praying extra for Maria as Elijah's birth approaches. Her bond with this little guy is already perfected, just as God's plan works between mother and child. She breathes for him, eats for him, keeping him secure in her belly. I pray for miracles all the time because I know He is able. I believe that Elijah is already a miracle, but I am praying for more.
    Whatever the Lord is going to do here has already been in His plan. I just ask Him to consider the desires of your hearts and glorify Himself here. Prayers continue in my home for you daily. I love this little baby just as he is, and I ask for Gods touch on him right now. His will be done.

    Love, Laurie in So. California

  2. you my darling stevie are so right...we can rest in the fact that God, All Sovereign, All Knowing, All Powerful has Elijah in His hands even now.

  3. What a great post from a daddy's heart! I am praying for each of you especially for your sweet wife. I know what it feels like to live in such uncertainty and to hope for the best while preparing for the worst. My thoughts and prayers are with you all on this journey. You are never alone.

    Much love,
    Kristy Bolte