Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Dr.'s Appointment

I'm getting so close to the due date. Dr. said he's growing (so is his Cele) bitter sweet.
HE'S SO PRECIOUS! & already full of so much "personality" I know this because of how & when he moves(too funny). I think he is just like his big brother!! (details later).

Dr. had me sign consent for vaginal birth. I was so nervous, but then when she came in she sat with me and answered all my questions and explained to me that the best position for him to be born in, is if he is born breech (butt first). Less chance of his Cele to rupture during delivery and better chance for "more time"!!! "MORE TIME that's what I want so, so very desperately!!

hope you don't mind Susie but I told her about Joshua and how they turned him for you, but she said , "NO WAY, I'm not turning him, can't do it - not allowed"
BUT that's okay, I'll just ask Jesus to do it for us.

I've already talked to Him, about me accepting the fact that I will be letting go of him so quick - now I'll just ask the Lord if He would please grant me the delivery that will give me the most time I can possibly have with my little darling.

A while back The Lord gave Cindy a message about timing and how her time is in His hands...
well today I told Elijah "your time is in His hands baby"

I need to keep telling MYSELF that!!!!


  1. Hi Marie,

    I am praying for MORE TIME, as much time as you and Steve need to love Elijah up completely and asking God to turn him to breech and keep him happy there until his birthday. Praying for all of your other needs too and asking God for miracles here.

    Big Hugs to you both today from me.
    Laurie in So. Ca.

  2. We will pray, hope and believe. God has never let us down. We are His and He wants the best for all of us. Trusting is sometimes the hardest oh and the waiting...it's not easy but in the end it will all be worth it. Scroll down on my blog and copy the picture. "Our times are in His hands" Elijah is in His hands even now. Every heart beat, every second is ordained by God.

  3. Praying for the delivery that will give you the most time with your perfect, precious son. There are no better hands for Elijah's time to be in than the hands that where before time.

  4. Wow! I didn't know that they CAN'T turn breech legally. Interesting. Although, I learned after we lost Joshua that Dr Seidel's known for :taking risks: so the day they turned me it was sort of done hush-hush. Anyways. God's got the best scenario for Elijah all sorted out. And I'll be praying for time, for all Elijah's ordained days and that none will be stolen away from you. He has a purpose, just like Little Joshua - and he'll accomplish his purposes with you. It's only so comforting to know - but ... we have to cling to the hope we have right? If at all possible - give us a heads up when you head for the hospital. I know all of blogland would love to be praying for you during your labor.