Sunday, April 20, 2008


We went to church this morning and I did'nt get a chance to post a comment before we left. After church we went to moms for lunch. She made Beef Soup/ Cocido/ Caldo (it can be called different things) Whatever it's called IT IS DELICIOUS!!! and it was a bit breezy today and a little on the chilly side so It sure Hit The Spot!
Kayla had a friend (Julie) over for the afternoon. They played outside at moms BUT WE think Josiah has a little bit of a crush on her!! YES I KNOW HE's just 2 but he gets all red and giddy and stares at her as he says her name over and over for no particular reason(it's so funny)! So I think he sorta stold her company a bit! THANK HEAVEN FOR NAPS! The girls finally got to play uninterrupted:)for a few hours then before we knew it it was time for evening service! so we headed back to church. I was so exausted! BUT, AS SOON AS WORSHIP STARTED I felt renewed I enjoy being in his presence so much and it was just great to have the kids worshiping right beside daddy & I! The study tonight was great too! It is just about 10:00p.m and the kids are both in bed (back to school tomorrow). Our day over all was a very pleasant one! going to close early tonight cuz I'm a bit tired. THANX TO OUR 264 who visited our page today!! :) Please keep our little girl in your prayers. She goes back home tomorrow! I know she will be fine! just pray with us that the presence of the Holy Spirit be ever present in her life ever hour of her days and that HIS PEACE KEEP HER SECURE IN HIM AND that HIS will be done in her life!

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