Saturday, April 19, 2008

A perfect ending 2 a deliciously lazy day!

Cindy came at 2:45 (when I snuck my early shower)! then Josiah woke up he was happy to see nina (cindy). Cindy & I sat on the couches and talked and listened to an awesome worship CD she made me!!! and painted our toe nails pink!! she brought me a bottle of moonlight path lotion from bath and body. Mmmm! I smell so good! Then she ran to taco bell for bean burritos to tie us over till everyone got here for dinner. We sat outside with Josiah and ate our burritos and watched him play.
Kayla & Steve got here at 5:30. Josiah was just ecstatic to see sister! He misses her so much all week long. They played and played and played like there was no tomorrow. Beth came with mom so thanks to BETH for the pictures in this blog.(we don't have a digital camera or a camera phone so that's why we don't have too many pictures of us but hopefully we can get a camera real soon I really hope to get one before Elijah gets here).

We ate pizza for dinner because that's what we eat on a lazy day! No cooking tonight!! the kids ate outside in the back yard. They just couldn't get enough of each other!! they spent allot of ALONE time together NO ADULTS allowed! Kayla played with Josiah in his room and then they played in her room. She came out in high heels and he came out with one of sisters hair pieces(its a ponytail with LONG braids that she likes to put over her pony's) imagine the sight of my little rascal with DREADS!! HA! HA! HA! I didn't get a picture of that :( but we did get one of them in base ball caps :) when they came out the second time. Mom went a little PAPARAZZI on us with her picture phone!! she took pictures of her 2 prego's (me& beth). BUT WE REALLY APPRECIATE THAT THEY TOOK THE PIC'S especially since Kayla's home!! :) Mom & Beth went home at about 9:00 and Cindy left at 9:30 right after
we watched Elijah's ultrasound video from the 8th. Steve was real tired so he went to bed but me & he kids stayed in the living room listening to the worship CD BOY WAS THE PRESENCE OF THE HOLY SPIRIT THICK IN OUR LIVING ROOM we should all enjoy moments together with the Lord!! like this! Mmm how sweet it is to have Jesus' love and peace in our home! my Elijah is safe inside me enjoying the worship giving a tap every so often as I rub my tummy with one hand. my baby girl is all cuddled up on the couch with her brother in their jammies and they are raising their hands and singing along as they get groggy & mommy rubs their legs!what a special & perfect way to end such a wonderful day! I put Josiah in bed at 10:00 but Kayla asked if she could stay on the couch listening to the music while I wrote. She said, "mommy I can feel His peace and love on me" and smiled!

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