Wednesday, April 16, 2008

From Elijiah's Daddy

My son Elijah, Tonight at church, GOD'S HOLY presants was felt Deep into my body. First with worship, then his PROMISING WORD. The TINGLING in my body that I felt during worshipI knew the holyspirit was all over me, no matter how hard life could get, If GOD is in your life, he will Assure your spirit to just relax, and LET HIM GUIDE YOU. I have alot going on in my life right now, I'm trying to do it myself. I know that HIS WORD say's to give it to him, but my flesh keep's interfering. But the HOLYSPIRIT assured me tonight that I'M HERE GIVE IT TO ME AND I WILL GIVE YOU GUIDANCE TO WHAT YOUR TO DO!!! And during worship I gave it all to him, and at that moment a song BLESSED MY HEART, It said "YOUR GREAT AND YOU DO MIRACLE'S." My flesh made forget that HE gave a MIRACLE OF LIFE. All of our family and friend's want GOD to give us miracle and let Elijiah stay with us here on earth until JESUS come's back for us. WE NEED TO REMEMBER ELIJIAH IS ALREADY A MIRACLE FROM GOD, because without GOD we wouldn't have ELIJIAH in our live's today. With the diagnoses that ELIJIAH has, were BLESSED to get to love him now and HOPE and PRAY with FAITH that GOD let's us keep him for a little while or heal's his head "IN THE NAME OF JESUS". What ever GOD does we will give ALL HONOR AND GLORY to GOD!!! If GOD desides to take ELIJIAH home to HEAVEN, we know that the Dr. will deliver him to us here, but GOD WILL DELIVER ELIJIAH TO US WHEN WE GET TO HEAVEN!!! The Dr's say's ELIJIAH Is deaf and blind, but we know he hear's us TALK, PLAY, AND PRAY FOR HIM, but we know that he's not blind, THE WORD OF GOD SAY'S "I ONCE WAS BLIND BUT NOW I SEE," ELIJIAH'S ear's might not be-able to hear, BUT WE KNOW HIS HEART AND SPIRIT HEAR'S US. GOD gave ELIJIAH to us this way not to punish us, BUT TO SHOW THE HAND OF GOD MOVE IN PEOPLE'S LIVE'S. So we believe that ELIJIAH NATHANIEL DOUGLAS has a MISSION HERE ON EARTH FIRST, TO TOUCH PEOPLE'S LIVE'S ALL AROUND THE WORLD!! He's bringing families and friend's closer to each other, BUT THE MOST IMPORTANT THING IS THAT PEOPLE COME TO KNOW HIS LORD AND SAVIOR JESUS CHRIST!!!!!!!! Because If this situation was in somebody else's life that didn't know JESUS, It would probly destroy families. But we have JESUS in our live's, Im not saying It's not hard, sad, or It doesn't hurt to know that we are going to lose our "PRECIOUS BOY." BUT GOD IS IN CONTROL, AND WE HAVE TO TRUST THE LORD!!!



  1. Thank you. You are a blessing to me.

  2. Everything you said is true, it's even brought us closer together. I was thinking if John felt the Holy Spirit when he was in the womb I'm sure Elijah feels Him too!
    I love you guys, nore than you know!

  3. Prayers daily for your sweet Elijah as you get ready to meet him soon. I love your encouragement and your faith in the One who has watching over him. You guys are truly amazing and blessed.

    Love, Laurie in So. Ca.

  4. Thank you for loving your son! He is NOT a mistake, he is an amazing baby that will bring you more love than you can imagine. He may not be with you for very long but he has already brought you amazing feelings. I will continue to pray and think for you. XOXO