Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Smart Boy & A SPORTS FANATIC!! just like daddy

I know, I know IT'S 2:58 in the morning but i'm just so excited to tell you all... and finally mommy let me come to the computer to write!
WELL yesterday mommy & I went to prayer. Josiah and Daddy walked to the little league park around the corner from our house. I must not tell a lie "I WANTED TO GO TO THE GAME". On the way home from prayer night mommy rubbed her tummy & said, "Elijah your so still tonight". I heard her call daddy and say we were dropping off grandma and daddy's voice was so excited he said "BABE WE WATCHED 2 GAMES!!" and then mommy started asking all kinds of stuff about Josiah (boring stuff like did he take a bath, is he asleep, what time did he fall asleep) SHE didn't even let poor daddy finish telling her about THE GAME'S they watched. She just said, "OK i'll be home in a minute". Mommy noticed, that I kept bouncing, knocking and tappping and she said, "boy you sure woke up all of the sudden".
We walked in the house and Daddy started telling US about the games!!! Boy was I excited they watched the GIANTS vs. A's and then the RED SOX vs. Orioles! then mommy said she wanted to go to bed. I started to tap & knock and ... ... SHE WENT TO BED! Daddy came in right behind us and then they started talking about all the yummy food at the ballpark and I was just giving daddy all kinds of HI-5's boy what an exciting night they had and then Daddy said WE are going to go again next time. I was so excited I kept jumping and jumping! and then Mommy turned around (away from daddy) so I couldn't even finish giving him HI-5's. BUT i am so excited about going to the next game cuz i'm into baseball just like my daddy & Josiah (JUST PRAY MOMMY DOESN'T RUIN IT FOR US BOYS!!)
p.s did you notice the colors of my writing... ... "GO CARDINALS!!!" that's our team the "ST.LOUIS CARDINALS" (mommy's & Kayla's are the SF Giants and my nino & nina's team too) BUT NOT ME, I'M JUST LIKE DADDY!!!
mommy says she's tired and it's 3:09 so i guess i'll talk to you all later! "GO CARDINAL'S!!!"

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  1. Elijah, read this to him...go Giants, Cardinals just kidding Stevie! Love you both...have to get back to work ;)