Tuesday, April 14, 2009

tired & frustrated AGAIN!!

I didn't get the job.... .... AGAIN! Steve is going on another interview tomorrow - see what happens.
although I am pretty sure its gonna probably be another negative outcome. So I guess I am definitely in a very negative mood. YES, I am a christian but that doesn't make me a super person. I am so FRUSTRATED. I just feel like being honest, brutally honest! I am so very, tired and I just can't figure out why this is so crazy! Why?!?!?! When is this HORRIBLE roller coaster gonna stop?

I had a WONDERFUL dream about my precious 'Lijah and he was crawling and drooling and holding him in my arms felt so good! BUT then I woke up... WHAT A HORRIBLE REALITY TO WAKE UP TO!!! I have been crying all day & Easter was hard too.

I just wish I could end this horrible reality I am living.

I know & yes I do count my blessings but this just sucks!

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  1. Oh Marie, I am so sorry. Of course you are frustrated and discouraged, that's ok, nothing wrong with that. I am praying so hard for you all. (((HUGS)))