Thursday, December 4, 2008

'SI & 'Ri

Kick'n Cousins Awwww! we love each other
Mom came over this afternoon. She took this picture of 'Siah playing HIS drums :) (2 tambourines, a can- YES A CAN and a play drum. The mess in the back ground is where he was taking a nap at until Moriah woke him up by laying next to him. HE loved that!!! He was smiling from ear to ear. I think Beth got some pictures of that. Our burrito sale went pretty good! We are still under the gun and pressing for time but we are holding on!
Thanks so much for your kind thoughts, comments and prayers. We appreciate it so much! Steve has been out back in 'Lijah's garden all after noon it is Soooooooo coldy cold! Okay so California cold is nothing to be compared to New York, Colorado or Other cold States but for me it's bbbrrrrrr! coldy cold.

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