Sunday, December 14, 2008

Look what I can(not) DO (very well)!!

Here is a picture I took with our NEW camera!!!! Thank YOU so much for our blessing :~)
This is the view from our front fence.THIS ONE IS a close up of 'Lijah's monie on our tree

The kids are having fun making a HUGE mess while I cleaned up for the lunch party. Kakie (that's how she wants her nickname spelled - SHE TOLD ME TODAY :~0) She & 'Si were painting!!!!! & NO that is not a bloody nose! IT'S RED PAINT. NOT too sure how he managed that!
BUT THIS IS THEIR "CLEAN" picture of their project 8>) l.o.l

I still can't figure out where all the beautiful pictures are at; the ones that we took last night before the batteries died.
I should probably take a class on how to retrieve these pic's cause I was also trying to include pic's of how our decorations throughout the house turned out. BUT it's late or I should say EARLY... oh it's sunday morning already!!!
& Steve & I are still up. The menudo & posole are cooking. The house is ready for guests & I can't find these pictures so I better get to bed cause we have to be at church at 9:30. I wanna find those pictures!!!!
oh well I better let it go for now.

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  1. I am glad that you found that perfect ornament for you memorial to 'Lijah
    Please pray for Jo today... I think she is having major anxiety attacts and has not slept a wink(she thinks she will die) and the funeral is today. check my blog for more info.
    Noah looks like he could be Lijah's brother!!