Monday, December 1, 2008


This morning Josiah & I were on our way to an appointment. There was a dense fog advisory it was zero visibility. We were in traffic when I looked in my rear view mirror and then within seconds heard the screeching tires and then felt the BIG "BOOM"

We were rear ended. It was a young kid in his teens, I think he said he was 17 and had just gotten his licence. Thank God 'Si & I are okay and so is the young kid.

Steve went to help a man from church chop some wood, so he still doesn't know!

The car isn't bad either but Josiah can sure make all the sound effects and dramatizations of what happened. He called my mom and told her everything he even told her where we we were going too!

I think the kid wasn't watching where he was going cause he was driving much too fast. I could see he was comming real fast and I couldn't move out or I would have hit on comming traffic.


  1. I am so sorry I did not know when I called you today that you had been in an accident. I am glad to know you were not hurt badly. Sometimes we get involved in the things we think are important and do not bother to say, " Hi how is your day going", before we tell what is important to us.Please forgive me

  2. Yikes, glad you guys are ok! I heard the fog was terrible yesterday, and will continue for the next few days too. I remember the foggy day police escorts on I-5 growing up because the only thing that was visible were flashing blue and red lights.

    STAY SAFE!!!!

  3. Oh thats horrible, people just don't think about how they are driving. It amazes me people don't slow down when there are "bad" weather conditions. Well, I am glad you guys are ok.


  4. Oh my goodness! How scary! I'm glad you are both ok! Praise God for that! ((hugs))