Tuesday, December 2, 2008


So, I've shared about how I am married to Sgt. Clean, right? well did I tell you our children take after him!!!
Today is Tuesday and I must confess; 'camp douglas' was still up - I know... I know... Kayla has been gone since Sunday night, I know but yesterday - I just didn't get around to putting her mattress back in her room. This morning Steve was watching the morning news. Josiah stood up and said, "Daddy the sala(living room) is in a mess". Steve just giggled and asked Josiah, "what?" and Josiah replied, "daddy we need to clean up - to take Kayla's bed back".

Frank came to pick up Steve to finish the wood chopping and as soon as he walked out the door, Josiah started pulling out the vacuum cleaner and he said, "mommy lets clean"

HE LOOKS SO CUTE VACUUMING!! he is so motivated to clean just like is daddy & sister :~)

My sala is now clean & vacuumed because my [almost] 3 year old gave me my [cleaning] orders. I am cleaning the kitchen now & he is vacuuming his room.

*Ugggh* & I thought I would have another lazy day - NOT!!!

Steve will be home in an hour and I will be ready to relax in a clean house

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