Thursday, November 13, 2008


Josiah & I had school again. It felt like forever since we last had school, because of the long weekend & Kake being home!

We are still on the autum/fall theme & of course giving thanks. Our verse for the week is 1 Thessalonians 5 :18 "In everything give thanks"

It is so funny to here him try to say thessalonians he says "fetha-a-almiamamanoiance" too funny after two tries to get him to pronounce it the right way I just said, okay then just say in everything give thanks and then he laughed again and tried saying the whole verse once more and then said , "mama I don't know it too hard".

We played with pancake mix, water & purple cool-aid mix and played patty cake singing our new give thanks song.

We don't get to bring Kayla tomorrow because it is her moms weekend. So we will miss her on our family stuff this weekend. We might go sell at the local auction and she loves to go but she has never gotten to go & sell so we will really miss her. She & my mom are partners when it comes to selling!!! I know my moms already missing her, she called & asked are we getting Kay this weekend? & when I said, "no its her moms weekend" she sounded VERY disapointed:~(

I better go for now cause its school time for my 'Si!!!

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